Faculty Advancement

Welcome to the Office for Faculty Advancement. We are here to support the full range of faculty career progression at the University of Kentucky. To meet this objective, our office serves our faculty and administrators in matters regarding:

  • faculty awards and award nominations

  • faculty appointment for all title series

  • faculty promotions and granting of tenure

  • post-tenure reviews

  • phased retirement and retirement incentive offers (as applicable)

  • faculty orientation and development

  • administrative position development, including chair and dean development

  • faculty performance evaluation processes and outcomes

  • faculty appeals and grievances

  • faculty database maintenance

  • terminal reappointment, appointment non-renewal, termination of faculty employment, workload determination

  • individual consultation (deans, chairs/directors, faculty members)

  • teacher credentials

  • faculty/staff overloads, Wethington Awards

  • dual-career partner services

  • faculty networking opportunities