Absences - Excused

A student shall not be penalized for an excused absence.

Acceptable excuses for an excused absence may include:

   1. Significant illness of the student, of a member of the student's immediate family, or of a member of the student's household.  This includes mental illness, physcial illness and isolation or quarantine as directed by a medical professional, public health professional or government official.  Acceptable verification includes documentation from a medical professional, health care provider, public health professional or government official.

   2. The death of a member of the student's household (permanent or campus) or immediate family.

   3. Trips for members of University organizations, field trips and educational trips for classes, trips for intercollegiate athletics, including club sports or varsity sports.

   4. Major religious holidays.

   5. Interviews for full-time employment after graduation, or for graduate or professional school

   6. Enrolling in the course after the first day of class.

   7. Any other circumstance which the instructor finds reasonable.

Detailed information regarding these rules is available at the University Senate's website.

Students should provide documentation for absences to their course instructors and inform the Instructor of Record at least one week in advance of the excused absence for trips and interviews (if possible), and the instructor shall give students the opportunity to make up work, within the semester in which the absence occurred (if possible).  The instructor may not simply calculate the student's grade on the basis of other course requirements, unless the student agrees in writing.