Academic Integrity

Academic integrity refers to honest and responsible scholarship.  Academic integrity requires:

  • Creating and expressing one's own ideas in all course work including draft and final submissions;
  • Acknowledging all sources of information properly;
  • Completing assignments independently or acknowledging collaboration;
  • Accurately reporting one's own research results;
  • honesty during examinations.

The University Senate Rules define plagiarism and cheating.

A discussion of what constitutes plagiarism can be found in "Plagiarism:  What is It?" by former Academic Ombud, David Royce.

Please be aware that cheating involves both the giving and taking of information.  

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that any action or behavior cannot be construed as an academic offense.  When in doubt as to whether a particular action is permitted, please ask the course instructor.  Instructors are eager to make their expectations clear so that both they and their students can avoid becoming entangled in accusations of academic improprieties.