Disability Accommodations

Faculty are reminded to be sure they understand the accommodations that have been authorized and to provide these accommodations in a discrete manner to avoid embarrassment to the student.

If a student with a documented disability requires academic modifications or accommodation for your course, the student must provide the instructor with a Letter of Accommodation from the UK Disability Resource Center (DRC). The student may visit the DRC website for information on how to register for services as a student with a disability.  The student may also contact the DRC by telephone 859-257-2754.

If a student is denied accommodations authorized by the DRC or is treated unfairly by an instructor because of the accommodations, please contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity to discuss the situation.

All university instructors are required to make reasonable accommodations for physical and/or learning disabilities that could affect student academic success. The Disability Resource Center certifies the need for and specifies the accommodations needed on a student-by-student basis. Faculty should request this certification (Letter of Accommodation) from students.  Instructors may create an assignment in Canvas for the submittal of the letter of accommodation so it is easily accessible throughout the semester.  However, instructors should refrain from asking questions regarding the reason justifying such accommodations. All matters of students' learning disabilities must be handled in a confidential and private manner to the extent practicable.  A statement similar to the following placed in the syllabus could benefit students who might have challenges:

     Any student with a disability who is taking this course and needs classroom or exam accommodations should contact the Disability Resource Center, 257-2754, Suite 407, Multidisciplinary Science Building, 725 Rose Street.