Final Examinations

Senate Rule explains the rules regarding final examinations. In general, no final examinations may be scheduled prior to the Monday of final exam week.  (Saturday classes have their Final Examination on the last Saturday before the final examination week.)



Students are entitled to request a change in their final examination times if the student has more than two finals scheduled on the same day. Should an examination date need to be changed, the course with the highest catalog number must be rescheduled. If course numbers are identical, then the department whose prefix is alphabetically earlier is rescheduled. The student has the responsibility to request in writing to the course instructor that the exam be rescheduled at least two weeks before the last day of classes. 



In the case of an individual instructor's hardship, an instructor may reschedule a final examination provided he/she obtains: a) the recommendation of the Department Chair AND b) the concurrence of the Dean and Registrar. All rescheduled final examinations must occur during final examinations week.