Student Responsibilities

Students are responsible for learning the rules and regulations that govern academic life at the university, including the student's rights, responsibilities, degree and graduation requirements.  

Among other responsibilities, it is worth noting here that:​

- students are responsible for knowing and understanding the rules and regulations that govern their academic lives at the university;

- students are responsible for knowing and understanding the requirements to earn a degree;

- students are responsible for reading the course syllabus and understanding the course expectations;

- students are responsible for checking their UK email accounts on a regular basis;

- students are responsible for maintaining contact with the course instructor and informing him or her of issues affecting the student's coursework (e.g., to excuse an absence, students are required to inform the instructor and submit documentation, if required, no later than one week of the student's return to class); and

- unless a student can prove he or she received incorrect information, it is often difficult to make the necessary adjustments to correct the situation. Therefore, students are advised to save emails, copies of course syllabi, and any other documentation that may be of assistance.


Each college and/or department will provide students with a handbook with which students should become familiar.  In addition, below are links to documents that also contain the rules and regulations that govern students' lives at the University:


     University Bulletin - for undergraduate students

     Graduate School Bulletin - for graduate students

     University Senate Rules - academic rights and responsibilities

     Administrative Regulation 4-10 - Code of Student Conduct


Students should also become familiar with the Office of the Registrar's website which contains the Academic Calendar, a GPA Calculator, Tuition, Fees, and Tuition Appeal information, etc.