Any student may withdraw from any class (except for those used to meet the Writing Requirement) during the withdrawal period which is defined as the period prior to and including the:

  1. end of the eleventh week for fall or spring semester.
  2. third day of the fifth week for the eight-week summer session.
  3. second day of the third week for the four-week summer session.


Permissive Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from a class, or from the University, after the withdrawal period, but through the last day of classes* for the semester upon approval by the dean of the student's college of a petition certifying urgent non-academic reasons including, but not limited to:

  1. Illness or injury of the student;
  2. Serious personal or family problems;
  3. Serious financial difficulties; or
  4. Having excused absences in excess of one-fifth of the required interactions in a course, pursuant to SR


Retroactive Withdrawal

Students have two years (730 days) after the end of the term to present an appeal to the Retroactive Withdrawal Committee to request that their grades for that semester be changed to withdrawn ("W").  Although the committee makes the determination whether the grade(s) will be changed, the petition is filed through the office of the Dean of the student's college.


* The "last day of classes" refers to the date which was approved by the University Senate; not the last day that an individual class met.