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We are committed to the concept of quality enhancement through evidence-based continuous assessment and improvement. We value collaboration, innovation, integrity, service, and transparency. 

Our office provides: logistical support for campus, program, and course-level assessment; workshops and consultation services to academic units, individuals, and non-academic support units; promotes the use of assessment instruments and methods that are embedded within students’ normal learning experiences; compiles, analyzes, and presents assessment data to the university community; and promotes the use of existing and emergent technologies. 



Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Resources

For reports due May 31st, 2018 (covering the 2017-18 Academic Year), please refer to the following resources


New Student Learning Assessment Plan! 

At UK, we See Blue in Student Learning.  To learn more about each assessment activity, method/tools, timeline/process, and more; click on the PDF below.

University of Kentucky Student Learning Assessment Plan PDF