Course Level Assessment

The Office of University Assessment works to assist faculty in finding suitable and useful ways to assess course level learning.  Benefits of course level assessment help clarify your learning outcomes, objectives, and activities of the course; allow you to receive feedback about the learning taking place in your course so that improvements can be made for current and future learners; and when your course is properly aligned to learning outcomes, the data can be used to measure and improve learning in the program.

Our office can help instructors:

  • Develop course level learning outcomes
  • Map course level activities to the course’s learning outcomes
  • Map course level outcomes to program level outcomes
  • Design assignments to match learning outcomes
  • Design rubrics, tests, or other assessment tools
  • Use results to improve teaching and learning in the course

Are you looking for a tool to help identify what you want students to accomplish in your course?  Check out the Teaching Goal Inventory that will generate a report for you! 

Would you like to create or revise an existing assignment that aligns to nationally well-known AAC&U VALUE Rubrics? Contact us today to schedule your Assignment Design Consultation or Workshop!

The Teacher Course Evaluations is the most common measure used for collecting data for instructor evaluation at UK, other methods to consider adding to your teaching portfolio include: TCE trend data and open ended questions,  mid-term questions, peer review, Video Activated Reflection (VAR), and/or self-reflection.  A Model for Impacting Teacher Effectiveness presents a research study conducted here at the University.  Resources and tips for Pedagogy techniques contact the Center for the Enhancement for Learning and Teaching