Online Growth


Our vision for UK Online is one that leverages the creative, collaborative potential of technology to connect our outstanding faculty to students throughout Kentucky and beyond. We want to increase access to UK to individuals who cannot necessarily receive this instruction on our campus, but for whom additional education and credentials will make a lasting difference in their lives.

Leveraging the talents of our world-class faculty, we are building online programs that meet the needs of new student populations and Kentucky's workforce. These programs also expand our institutional footprint. While UK is already present in all 120 Kentucky counties through Cooperative Extension, an expanded online presence will allow more Kentuckians, irrespective of where they live, an opportunity to earn a UK degree. 

The initial phase of the expansion prioritizes master's degrees, graduate certificates, and courses that allow students with existing UK credit to flexibly complete their undergraduate degrees.  We hope that we can reach adult students for whom the flexibility of an online degree will be appealing. Associate Provost Kathi Kern leads the effort within the Office of the Provost to support online growth. A recent call for proposals yielded 48 concepts for new online degree or certificate programs. From these proposals, 26 were selected:

  • Eight Master’s Degrees,
  • 12 Graduate Certificates,
  • Three Bachelor’s/Completer Degrees, and
  • Three Undergraduate Certificates.

Thanks to the leadership of the University Senate and Senate Council, departments hope to begin offering these programs in fall 2019 and spring 2020. 

Faculty are leading our efforts to design UK online programs and translate the innovative research, teaching, and learning that they provide in the traditional classroom into a new venue. They are thinking through creative ways to leverage technology and facilitate learning in new, compelling ways.

Our instructors are also working with experts in our Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching to maximize innovative technology and pedagogy to create the best possible online learning environments. 

You can learn more about UK Online here.