Phase I

Concept Teams

The strategic questions generated five concept teams for planning and priorities. The five teams focused on: new revenues, other revenues, efficiencies and effectiveness, outreach and service, and structures and staffing.

Concept teams consist of deans, staff members, a University Senate representative, a Staff Senate representative, and a student, and are charged with identifying funds to address the funding gap.

Concept Team 1

  • Scott Lephart, Dean, College of Health Sciences (Chair)
  • Larry Holloway, Interim Dean, College of Engineering (former position)
  • Mark Kornbluh, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 
  • Christian Brady, Dean, Lewis Honors College 
  • Lisa Wilson, Associate Provost for Finance and Administration
  • Todd Brann, Director, Analytics and Assessment, Academic Excellence
  • Kathi Kern, Director, Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (former position)
  • Angie Martin, Vice President for Financial Planning and Chief Budget Officer 
  • Craig Rudick, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Lead Data Scientist
  • Nicole Jenkins, Executive Associate Dean for Administration, Gatton College of Business and Economics
  • Mary Vosevich, Vice President for Facilities 
  • Christine Harper, Associate Provost of Enrollment Management
  • Sue Roberts, Associate Provost for Internationalization
  • Joan Mazur, University Senate representative 
  • Daniel Wright, Staff Senate representative
  • Kassie Miller, student representative

Concept Team 2 

  • Stephanos Kyrkanides, Dean, College of Dentistry (Chair; former position)
  • Kip Guy, Dean, College of Pharmacy 
  • Janie Heath, Dean, College of Nursing
  • Deirdre Scaggs, Interim Dean, University Libraries 
  • Rodney Andrews, Director, Center for Applied Energy Research
  • Susan Krauss, Treasurer, University Financial Services 
  • Ian McClure, Director, Office of Technology Commercialization 
  • Susannah Denomme, Senior Executive Director, Philanthropy
  • Greg Heileman, Associate Provost for Student and Academic Life 
  • Bruce Webb, University Senate representative
  • Jeff Bosken, Staff Senate representative
  • Ben Long, student representative

Concept Team 3

  • Dan O'Hair, College of Communication and Information (Chair; former position) 
  • Barry Swanson, Chief Procurement Officer
  • Steven Skinner, Interim Dean, Gatton College of Business and Economics (former position)
  • Mitzi Vernon, Dean, College of Design
  • Bob DiPaola, Dean, College of Medicine
  • James Frazier, Executive Director, Risk Management and Administrative Services 
  • Kristen Cheser, Assistant Provost, Finance and Operations
  • Brian Nichols, Chief Information Officer 
  • Leslie Vincent, University Senate representative 
  • Megan Sizemore, Staff Senate representative 
  • Brad West, Student representative 

Concept Team 4

  • Nancy Cox, Dean, College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (Chair)
  • Mark Shanda, Dean, College of Fine Arts 
  • Mary John O'Hair, College of Education (former position)
  • Ann Vail, Interim Dean, College of Social Work 
  • Melody Flowers, Executive Director for Strategic Analysis and Policy, EVPFA
  • George Ward, Executive Director, Coldstream Research Campus 
  • Becky Farthing, Strategic Planning and Financial Analyst, Office of the Provost
  • John Nash, University Senate representative 
  • Elijah Wilson, Staff Senate representative 
  • Abby Herman, student representative

Concept Team 5

  • Donna Arnett, Dean, College of Public Health
  • David Brennen, Dean, College of Law 
  • Brian Jackson, Interim Dean, Graduate School
  • Katherine McCormick, Chair of the University Senate Council (former position)
  • Kim Wilson, Vice President for Human Resources 
  • Kirsten Turner, Associate Provost, Academic and Student Affairs 
  • Shannon Means, Director of Policy and Data Analysis, University Budget Office 
  • Jenny Minier, University Senate representative 
  • Ann Eads, Staff Senate representative 
  • Taylor Hall, student representative



In late 2017, concept teams assigned to look at new revenues, savings, and efficiencies identified 34 concepts. In spring 2018, concepts were selected for initial stage investigation and implementation as part of Phase I of Our Path Forward. The concepts for Phase I implementation include:

  • First-time, first-year enrollment (Christine Harper, Chair)
  • Retention (Kirsten Turner, Chair)
  • Online Programs and Completer Degrees (Kathi Kern, Chair)
  • Summer Programs (Mark Kornbluh, Chair)
  • Project Graduate (Kathi Kern, Chair)
  • Procure-to-Pay (Barry Swanson, Chair)
  • Carbon Reduction (Nancy Cox, Chair)
  • Revenue Share Model (Larry Holloway, Chair)

Phase I priorities are designed to meet the short-term and long-term financial needs of, as well as reflect the Strategic Plan goals for, the University. The immediate FY2019-2020 funding priorities will address flat or declining state support, modest or minimal tuition increases, and include the following expenses priorities:

  • Continued investment in a Merit Salary Pool,
  • Faculty Retention/Promotion/Diversity Hires,
  • Presidential Research Investments,
  • Investment in our students via institutional aid, and
  • Investment in our infrastructure through capital renewal, utility upgrades, and debt service