Fixing System Login Issues

Step 1

From the Start Menu (or, in Windows 10, the magnifying glass next to the start menu) search for "Internet Options" and select it from the search results

Step 2

In Internet Options, choose the Security tab, then click Trusted Sites, then click the Sites button

Step 3

Enter the SuccessFactors URL in the “Add this website to the zone” field, and click the Add button. Add (copy and paste or retype) the following bolded text in the image as shown below.

Step 4

Click the Close button on the Trusted Sites screen, then the OK button on the Internet Options page to complete the process. If you cannot change browser settings, contact your department’s desktop support team for assistance in adding the trusted site.

You can also try a different browser, such as Google Chrome, as a solution.


Are you being asked to login again?  Is the system asking for you "company ID"?  This guide can help you solve those issues and more.