How to Fix Scrolling Issues

A common issues for some people is the PE site launching without scroll bars - this video demos have to fix that.

Did you know that you can now use an app on your phone to interact with the PE system and complete performance reviews, as well as navigate our myUK Learning system?  This guide will help you get started.

How to Disable the Popup Blocker for myUK in Firefox and Chrome

Feel like nothing is happening when trying to launch the PE system?  It's likely something as simple as disabling the pop up blocker on your browser.

How to Edit MJR Status and Change Job Standards in Your PE

Want to change the default status of your MJRs in PE or change your Job Standards?  Watch this guide to learn how

How to Use the Badges Feature

Badges are a fun way to acknowlege your co workers for a job well done - learn how to get started using them here.  Note:  Badges in no way influence your Performance Evaluation.