UK HealthCare Values

UK HealthCare Values: Manager Talking Points

As you begin your Performance Evaluations (PEs) with staff, utilize the below “talking points” to communicate the new UKHC Values.

Why Values?

  • As a result of input from engagement surveys and the strategic planning process, a group of your colleagues were selected and came together last year to identify and develop the five new UKHC Values.
  • Values help shape a culture and build a foundation on how we should guide behaviors and our decision making for our teams, how we treat our patients, and each other

Starting the conversation:

  • Mission/Vision/Values WBT – the first introduction to all staff members
    • Diversity, Innovation, Respect, Compassion, Teamwork
  • The upcoming UKHC Values will replace the Behavioral Expectations in FY18
    • The Values Steering Committee is working on scoring metrics for FY18 PE process
  • The new Values will be incorporated into the new UKHC Recognition program
  • To ensure we live by our Values we must hold each other accountable and celebrate our successes

How will these be used?

  • UKHC Recognition Program
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Hiring and Interviewing
  • Decision making across all levels
  • Every interaction, every time

Who does this impact?

  • UK HealthCare
  • College of Medicine (Physicians, Faculty & Staff)
  • Eastern State Hospital

For your convenience, a pdf of these talking points is available.