Campus Safety

The University of Kentucky Police Department is committed to the safety of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors at the University. Therefore, UKPD offers a host of resources to help keep the UK community safe. Safety is everyone's responsibility and prevention is key.

From the moment you walk on campus to graduation day, you should always be aware of your safety and your possessions. Here are some safety tips that you should follow while on campus and elsewhere.  First, know that the University of Kentucky is a safe place to live, learn, and work. However, please keep in mind that although UK is a friendly community, not everyone is your friend.  To enhance your safety and security everyone should adhere to some fundamentals:


Become aware of what is going on around you at all times.

Know where you can obtain help, and know how to avoid uncomfortable circumstances.

Take advantage of safety services that are available to enhance your safety including SafeCatsKentucky Wildcab, and the Bus service, etc.

Study together and walk in groups.

Never leave your possessions unsecured or unattended.

Stick to well lit, well-traveled areas, like the Cat’s Path and avoid shortcuts.

Listen to your instincts or “gut feeling.” If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

Become familiar with your campus community; identify which buildings are usually open in the evening or open early in the morning.  Know where you can go to summon help.

Choose ATMs that are in well-traveled public areas.

Download LiveSafe to quickly access the University of Kentucky Police for assistance or to report tips.

Become involved in the University’s community safety by reporting dark or uninviting areas needing attention.