Commendations & Complaints

University of Kentucky Police Department (UKPD) is committed and invested in the safety of the students, faculty, staff and guests to our campus. We will provide quality police services ethically, fairly and equally in partnership with the members of our community. UKPD emphasizes the core values of professionalism, integrity, respect, customer service, responsibility and accountability within all employees as we strive for excellence and continuous improvement.

UKPD will be transparent and work within a positive partnership with our UK community. We want to know about positive interactions that you have with our employees and/or about a suggestion on how we can better serve you. We also understand that complaints may arise regarding the actions of our employees or you may feel that our conduct is inappropriate.   

UKPD wants to ensure that our employees are recognized for their professional services, and also make certain that in every instance of a complaint, a thorough, fair and timely investigation is completed. Please email with compliments, comments, or complaints. Information can also be directed to the UKPD Police Operations Captain at 859.218.2367.  

UKPD is aware and understands that some community members may not be comfortable with providing their own information when filing a complaint. As such, we welcome anonymous complaints via email and/or telephone.