Police Officer Expectations & Benefits


  • Customer Service is our priority as we serve a diverse community comprised of students, faculty, staff, visitors, hospital guests, and vendors.


  • Hospital ER responsibilities include answering calls for service and monitoring the emergency department at Good Samaritan and Chandler Hospital, the region’s only Level 1 Trauma Center.

Mandatory overtime is required during high-volume seasons to include student move in, football, and basketball.  Average overtime hours for each officer during these periods are:
Student Move-in: (August) – 36 hours
Football: (September-November) – 63 hours
Basketball: (October-March) – 84 hours
Training opportunities could require travel and time commitments away from home; however, lodging, registration, travel, and food is paid by the department.
  • Patrol responsibilities could include patrolling on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, or other means regardless of weather while assigned to one of our three 10 hour shifts: 1st shift 0700-1700 hours, 2nd shift 1600-0200 hours, and 3rd shift 2200-0800 hours.


  • Report Writing Responsibilities include extensive follow up and documentation of various incidents and crimes that occur on University property.


  • 200% Match Retirement Plan: Retirement savings are an important part of your total compensation package and help ensure a more financially secure future. Under the 403(b) retirement plan, you contribute 5 percent of your base salary, and UK proudly contributes an amount equivalent to 10 percent of your base salary. Participation in this plan is mandatory for employees age 30 and over. You will be fully vested after three years of continuous, regular, full-time service.


  • Health Care Plans: UK offers four health plan options. You can decide on the plan and coverage that is best for you and your family’s needs. To learn more about the options, click here.
  • Employee Education Plan (EEP): Regular, full-time staff may receive a tuition waiver for up to 18 credit hours per academic year through the Employee Education Program. Eligible employees with at least one year of continuous, regular, full-time service who are not using the Employee Education Program may choose to receive a tuition discount (10 percent to 50 percent) for their child or spouse/sponsored dependent through the Family Education Program.


  • Unique Training Opportunities: Beyond the 40 hours required by the Department of Criminal Justice Training, UKPD officers can submit proposals to complete additional training as continuous professional development.

  • Overtime Opportunities: While there is mandatory overtime, there are also voluntary overtime opportunities that include sporting events, speakers, VIP visits, concerts, comedians, and performances.


  • Monthly Uniform and Equipment Allowance: All sworn staff are afforded a monthly allowance through the Quartermaster Account System to maintain their uniform and equipment.


  • Take Home Vehicles: After completing training, all officers are issued a take-home vehicle. 

  • Educated, Experienced, and Trained Leadership and Command Staff: Several command staff members have been trained through various Academies and schools including:

  • FBI National Academy

  • Department of Criminal Justice Training for CJED and APS Criminal Justice Executive Development School

  • Department of Criminal Justice Training for CJED and APS Academy of Police Supervision

  • School of Police Staff and Command, Northwestern University

Total Compensation Calculator:  The total compensation calculator is a tool to compare and evaluate the overall benefits of being a UK employee to your current employer. We know that the decision can be tough, but as a UK employee, you enjoy a full range of benefits, services and programs that go well beyond your salary.  To calculate the value of your estimated total compensation click here.

Starting pay is $20/hour or $22-23/hour if you have a bachelor's degree or 4 years experience.  Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund (KLEFPF) of $1.92 is added to base pay upon successful completion of the Police Academy at the Department of Criminal Justice Training in Richmond, KY.