Timely Warning

To assure compliance with 20 USC § 1092 (f)(3) (Jeanne Clery Act) and KRS164.9481 (2) (Michael Minger Act), Special Reports which require that all post-secondary education institutions make timely reports to the campus community on crimes reported to Campus Security Authorities or to UK Police Department that poses an on-going threat to University of Kentucky campus community.  The University may send out a timely warning in two different forms.

Crime Bulletin

The Crime Bulletin is provided to give the campus community timely notification of crimes that may present a serious or continuing threat to the campus community and to heighten safety awareness. The Crime Bulletin may also seek information that may lead to arrest and conviction of the offender when crimes against persons or major crimes against property have been reported. Lastly, the Crime Bulletin is prevention-oriented and is meant to remind or educate the campus community of specific events or trends that may assist in preventing an occurrence of crime.

Public Safety Notice

A Public Safety Notice may be issued when the crime or suspicious activity does not fall under the notification requirements set forth by the Clery or Minger Act. Public Safety Notices are intended to provide the campus community with information about incidents that occur on campus, though the incidents may not be classified as a Clery Act crime, but have been deemed by officials to pose a continuing threat to the campus community. Public Safety Notices may also be issued for any reported crime that may have occurred off-campus and has deemed by officials to pose a continuing threat to the campus community.