What exactly do you tutor? 

  • Our tutors are prepared to help you with any oral, visual, or written communication project. If you write it, speak it, or show it, this is the place to get feedback! You can come in for literature reviews, persuasive speeches, scientific research papers, infographics, resumes, and much more! 

Can I drop in? 

  • Absolutely! You can stop by either location during our hours and work with an available tutor. 

How do I make an appointment? 

  • Making an appointment is encouraged to secure the time or tutor you prefer. 
  • Click "Make an Appointment" to create or log into your MyWCOnline account. 
  • Select the time that works for you. You can set aside 30 minutes or an hour. 
  • In the window that pops up, select “Online” or “Face-to-Face” and fill in your course information and what you want to work on. 

How does online tutoring work? 

  • When you schedule an appointment and select “Online”, you will upload your document or link to your project, and if applicable, a rubric to orient your tutor to the assignment. 
  • Your tutor will review your project and give feedback in the form of track comments and big-picture observations. 
  • Your tutor will then send a follow-up email with directions to their attached feedback. 

Who are the tutors? 

  • Peers representing a diverse range of disciplines and backgrounds 
  • Successful students with a GPA average of 3.9 
  • Proficient employees who have received training approved by the College Reading & Learning Association 

What should I bring to my appointment? 

  • Your student ID (or know your ID number) 
  • Digital or physical projects, your professor’s rubric (if applicable), and any other materials you want, such as ideas, notes, outlines, or drafts 

What should I expect in my appointment? 

  • Our front desk attendant will check you in and introduce you to your tutor. 
  • Your tutor will meet you wherever you are in your communication project, whether you are planning, drafting, or revising. 
  • Your tutor will give feedback on your assignment to help you find strengths and possible improvements, as well as identify broader elements of success that can transfer to future projects. 

Will tutors proofread my paper for me? 

  • Tutors will empower you to grow as a writer and guide you through the proofreading process without making their own changes 

How do I let my professor know that I came here? 

  • Inform your tutor about your class requirement 
  • Your tutor will take down your professor and course information 
  • Your professor will receive personal confirmation of your attendance through out Assistant Director