Learn About Costs

Korbyt Media Players

To learn about costs for digital signage players, please contact UK Information Technology Services at 218@uky.edu



If you need to purchase a display, make sure to get with the purchasing office in your area. We recommend that each area purchases the display of their choice. If you would like to see displays before making a purchase, contact Whitney Siddiqi at whitney.siddiqi@uky.edu to get a tour of the Gatton Student Center.



If you need power, network installations or help mounting a display, follow the instructions below to submit a request to PPD. They can provide more information about the physical space where you are planning to install digital signage. PPD will provide a quote after they review the submission and the physical space.

  1. Login to SAP

  2. Click on Enterprise Services 

  3. Click on Facilities Management

  4. Click on A New Work Request

Ongoing costs

Upon joining this system, each unit is responsible for replacing their hardware.

  • RMG suggests replacing the media players every 4 years.
  • UK ITS recommends changing the display every 4 years.  

Units should also factor in staff time required to:

  • Learn the software
  • Continue to update content on digital signs 
  • Provide technical support

A communications/content contact as well as a technical support contact should be designated from each unit to work with the UK Digital Signage team.


To join the partnership, fill out a UK Digital Signage - Participation Request Form