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We’ve built incredible momentum in the last several years under the leadership of President Capilouto and thanks to the dedication and outstanding work conducted in the areas within the Office of the Provost.

We are educating and retaining more students than at any time in our 150-year history. We have among the highest graduation rates in our history, and student quality is at unprecedented levels even as we have significantly grown enrollment. We are more diverse than ever before, and we’ve maintained our commitment to access and affordability by slowing the rate of tuition increases and expanding aid and scholarships.

Our progress is a source of pride. But now we must take the next step, guided by our Strategic Plan. 

 We know why our students succeed and why they don’t:

Knowing this, we are committed to investing more in each of these areas. This realignment is part of that commitment. In short, the result will be fewer administrative roles and more front-line positions directly devoted to supporting students. 

In the past, we have had too many islands of effort, where instead we need a seamless and integrated organizational structure among all our units in support of students and their success.

As part of this process, many positions will change their scope and responsibility; some will be eliminated, some will shift, and some will be added. The goal of every move is to increase the number of personnel directly working with and supporting students, while removing administrative layers that inadvertently serve as an impediment to a more integrated and seamless structure.

This realignment is student-centric. We will incorporate a service orientation toward the colleges and students. 

The goal is to better function as a seamless team, rather than continuing to try to make progress as silos or islands of effort. Making swift and dramatic progress will require a more seamless and integrated approach to our efforts.

Our Strategic Plan will act as a beacon, guiding us through this important process.  This process of realignment will take several months. I know that can create some sense of uncertainty, but working together, I’m confident we can create an organization focused intently on what matters most – our students.

Learn more here about the 2016-2017 university operating and capital budget.