Fit2U Outreach


Are you a part of a Student Orgranization or a UK department that is interested in a special fitness event?

The Campus Recreation & Wellness Fitness department can help!! These programs can include general information about Campus Recreation, Group Fitness Classes, weight training basics, and other fitness related topics. Events can be conducted at your choice of reservable locations at UK or within Campus Recreation and Wellness facilities.  

Have a special idea, program, or comeptition the Fitness department can support?  Please feel free to contact us!! 

How to Request Support?

1. Submit a request through the Office of University Events  to request space on Campus.  In the Event Description section, please identify that you are requesting the assistance of UK Campus Recreation and Wellness Fitness Staff to lead event with a Certified UK Fitness Instructor.  The authorized member from your Student Organization or Department will need to submit the request. 

2. Submit a Fit2You Support Request that will assist the Fitness department in scheduling and planning for the event. The Fitness department will do everything they can to provide support to the event, if staff is available.  

3. Once a location has been confirmed and a staff member is available to support the event, the Fitness department will confirm that the department can assist with the event.   

Please note: The Fitness department will work to schedule a Fitness Staff member once there is a confirmed EMS Reservation on file.  



Fit2U Outreach questions?  Email Fitness Services for assistance: Casey Gilvin, Fitness Director,