Meet The Trainers

Alex M. NETA Certified Personal Trainer 

Alex's philosophy is that living a healthy lifestyle happens in moderation.  She believes in making time to exercise is important, but also finding what works for you and your schedule.  As a Personal Trainer, she wants to help her clients fall in love with living a healthy lifestyle.  She wants to help you find what you love and make workouts that will keep you excited to keep coming back.  Alex is ready to share her passion for fitness in an individualized way that makes you feel better! 








Angie, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Angie is a junior pursuing a bachelor's degree in exercise science. She spent most of her life in Frankfort but has lived in Lexington for the last three years.  She was involved in cheer, dance, and track throughout high school and through these activities, fell in love with fitness.  

Angie believes in providing support in developing and maintaining a physically active lifestyle.  By improving function and in the exploration of interesting physical activity options to continue to optimize health, function, and fitness, it is her belief that anyone's quality of life can be enhanced.   

Specialties:  Weight management and functional movement






Bennett, NETA Certified Personal Trainer 

Bennett is a Kinesiology major on a Pre-Physical Therapy track.  Bennett is from Fort Mitchell, a small town in northern Kentucky and has loved fitness since middle school, when he started to become educated on healthy eating and was introduced to tennis.  Through tennis workouts, he learned about and fell in love with weightlifting, something he enjoys to this day.  

Bennett's aim is to help others reach their personal goals and become healthier, happier versions of themselves and he believes that fitness is a key component to maintaining health in all areas and enjoying life to the fullest. Bennett is open to training anyone, regardless of goals, and hopes to push his clients to achieve greater confidence and results in the gym and in their own fitness! 





Brett, NETA Certified Personal Trainer 

Brett is a Junior at the University of Kentucky pursuing a degree in Kinesiology. He is from a small town called Paintsville, Ky, where he participated in many sports including Soccer, Football, Cross-Country, Archery, and Track & Field.  These sports allowed him to see the importance of physical activity and later helped him find his passion for exercise science.  With a diverse athletic background, Brett is confident in his ability to trian anyone for any athletic endeaver. After years of participating in sports, Brett decided to start weightlifting and immediately fell in love with the new activity. Weight lifting became such a passion that Brett decided to beomce a Certified Personal Trainer to help others see what weightlifting can do in their lives.  

Brett is a NETA certified Personal Trainer and is First Aid, AED, and CPR certified by the American Red Cross.  

Brett is excited to be a part of your fitness journey to help obtain the best version of you that you can be!    





Bryce, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Bryce is from Louisville, Kentucky and is a junior at UK pursuing a degree in Economics.  Bryce is a certified Personal Trainer through NETA and is CPR/AED/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross.  Bryce's love of fitness has gronw over the years as he has been involved in different forms of exercise for most of his life including Swimming, Boxing, Tennis, and Weightlifting.  

Bryce values hard work and is enthusiastic about helping others reach their fitness goals.  Bryce believes that fitness can be enjoyable and effective at the same time.  He can help you achieve your goals using whatever methods work best for you!     








Haley, ACE Certified Personal Trainer Clients

Haley is a junior pre-nursing student at UK.  Haley is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and has been a competitive person her entire life.  Being a gymnast for 10 years, her motivation and competitive nature did not disappear throughout the years.  She competed in the Kentucky Muscle, a body building competition her senior year of high school.  Here persistance and passion for this sport has continued to increase through the years!  Haley loves to find workouts that are challenging, but fun and effective.  

Haley's journey began eight years ago, when she fractured her back and had to quit gymnastics.  She took time to let her back heal and decided to run cross country and track.  Two year later, Haley was no longer able to run track because due to medical issues, so she decided to start weight lifting. 

Haley believes that if you have a passion for something, you should strive to achieve it!  One of her favorite quotes from former Olympic Gymnast, Mary Lou Retton states, "Each of us has a fire in our hearts for something.  It is our goals in life to find it and keep it lit."



Karson, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Karson is a Human Health Sciences major at UK and plans on applying to Physical Therapy school during the fall of 2019.  Karson is originally from Marshall County, Kentucky, where she participated in a wide range of high school sports.  Karson was a member of the very first mountain bike team in the state of Kentucky.  Karson has been passionate about fitness since she started working in a gym during her senior year of high school.  While she is always eager to try new things, Karson's true passion lies within weighlifting.  

As a student herself, Karson understands how hard it can be to include exercise into the demanding college routine, and also all the benefits of doing so.  Her goal as a trainer is to help teach her clients it is possible to balance a busy schedule and a healthy lifestyle.  Karson believes that there is something out there for everyone to enjoy and will customize all her programs to make her clients enjoy their time with her!  

Specialties: Weight Training and weight management


Keaton, NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer

Keaton is starting his first year in the Doctoral Physical Therapy Program here at UK. Keaton is originally from Boone County, Kentucky where his passion for fitness began.  He is a recent graduate from Western Kentucky University where he obtained his BS in Exercise Science.  He most recently worked at WKU while attending school as a trainer and fitness instructor.  

He has worked with many individuals ranging from various ages and backgrounds specializing in strength and agility.  Although Keaton has a passion for stregnth and agility, he strives to make each workout new and exciting.  His goal as a trainer is to help his clients achieve their fitness goals while teaching them the specific benefits of exercise that he may implement.  He hopes to empower each client in achieving their peak health and performance goals.  




JC, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

JC is a sophomore Public Health major at UK.  His interest in fitness first came about in high school through the healthy exercise and eating habits he developed when becoming one of the State's Top Ten Placing Wrestlers.  From competitive Cheerleading to Track and Field Events, JC used his athletic experience and healthy habits to make the transition from athlete to personal trainer.  JC obtained his Personal Training certification through the National Exercise and Trainers Association (NETA).  He strongly believes in the benefits of exercise has when improving one's strength, sleep, and happiness.  JC looks forward to helping every client set and achieve their weight management, strengh, and mobility goals.   






Jordan, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Jordan is a certified Personal Trainer looking to help people achieve their ultimate goals.  Her favorite types of exercise are interval training and strength training.  Her other intersts include cooking and creating new recipes, watching UK Sports Teams (Volleyball and Basketball), and seeking different workout atmosphers (cycling and Yoga).  

She believes that exercise is a powerful activty that keeps us ground and clear minded.  As a personal trainer, my goal is to help you reach your goals, and to show you how exercise  can transform your physical and mental well-being.  Her philosophy is that fitness is a combination of exercise, good nutrition, and personal health that helps us stay positive within ourselves.   As a Personal Trainer, Jordan's goal is to push others to acheive their goals to establish their own confidence and to continue to show them how it doesn't only change you physically, but mentally benefits you as well! 




Morgan, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Morgan is a third year undergraduate student at UK majoring in Nursing with plans to pursue a Nurse Practitioner graduate degree with an emphasis in Health and Wellness.  She is from Columbus, Ohio where physical activty has always been a priority in her life.   She participated in Lacrosse for 11 years and competitive Crossfit for 5 years.  

Morgan is currently a NASM certified Personal Trainer and CPR/AED/First Aid certified through the American Red Cross.  She is also training in gymnasitc skills and Olympic Lifting.  

By nature, Morgan is a helping, giving person who is concerned about the health and wellbeing of thers.  Her teaching style is adpative, creative, and challenging while focusing on the individual needs of her client.  Whether recovering from inllness/injury or training for an athletic event, personalized training can help guide clients to meet daily, weekly, and monthly goals to maintain long term success.  

Morgan's goal as a trainer is to help people feel welcomed in a fitnes atmospherwhere they can focus on bettering themselves, mentally and physically, while enjoying the process.  Her aim is to inspire others and let them know they are not alone in their journey.  She is in the business of LIVING, and strives to help others maximize their ability to do more than just exist.   

Specialties: Weight Lifting, HIIT, Weight Management, Body Composition




Zach, NETA Certified Personal Trainer

Zach is currently studying Biology.  He enjoys teaching, lifting weights, and spending time with friends and family. He believes that exercise is a powerful activity that keeps us grounded and clear- minded. As Personal Trainer, his goal is to help you reach your goals, and to show you how exercise can transform your physical and mental well being.  

Zach's philosophy on Fitness and Wellness is that it is a necessity in life.  He knows that not everyone enjoys it, but he does believe everyone should practice it. Zach feels it is his responsibility to make exercising as enjoyable as possible. The amount of health and emotional benefits that come from exercise should not be ignored.