Intramural Championship Photos

Fall 2021: Intramural Champions

Spring 2021: Intramural Champions

Fall 2020

Cornhole Singles Tournament

Champions: Division A

Patrick Nichols

Champions: Division B

Eric Quinton

NBA 2K20 Tournament

Champions: XBOX 1:

Wilson Insko


Homerun Derby


Kennedy Nichols


Colin Donahue

Golf Singles Tournament



Cornhole Doubles Tournament

Champions: Lambtalk


Soccer Tennis Tournament

Champions: Sting 


4 v4 Volleyball Tournament

Champions: Acers

Champions: Merica

Kickball Tournament


Beta Pledge Boomers


Balls to Tha Wall

Tennis Singles Tournament


Amin Katanbaf


Whiffleball Tournanment

Champions: Theta Chi


Spring 2020

Dodgeball Tournament

Champions: Pike

5-on-5 Basketball League

Champions: Unified Sports


Champions: Futsal Hornets

Inner Tube Water Polo

Champions: Phi Sig A

Fall 2019

Homerun Derby

Men's Champion: Brad Kirby

Women's Champion: Tanika Santos





3 on 3 Outdoor Basketball Tournament

Below Average






Flag Football League

Co-Rec Champion: No Punt Intended

Fraternity Champion:

Delta Sigma Phi A

Men's A Champion: DMD

Men's B Champion: ATFLWreckers

Sorority Champion:

Alpha Chi Omega

Women's Champion:

UK Law

Tennis, Singles Tournament

Jamine Woods and Raleigh Conway






Golf Singles Tournament

Dylan Gordon






Nickle Softball Tournament








Volleyball Tournament

Co-Rec Champion:

Big Digs Only

Men's Champion:

ATFL Wreckers

Women's Champion: Delta Gamma




Street Soccer Tournament

Co-Rec Champion: CephaloSCORINS

Men's Champion:

Pike A





Inner Tube Water Polo Tournament

Champions: Phi Sig






5 on 5 Basketball Tournament







Badminton, Singles Tournament


Wesley Johnson













Spring 2019

Dodgeball Tournament

Pike 1


All Star Basketball

All Star Winners


5 on 5 Basketball League

CoRec Champions: Semi Pro Bono

Men's A Champions: Splash Fam

Men's B Champions: UKDPT

Sorority Champions: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Women's Champions: The Mighty Jungle

Fustal Tournament

Open Champions: Minorities FC


Inner Tube Water Polo

Open Champions: Alpha Sig

Open Champions: APO


Outdoor Soccer League

CoRec Champions: 859 Ballers

Men's Champions: You Can't Handle the Tooth

Women's Champions: Alpha Chi Omega


4 v 4 Flag Football Tournament

Open Champions: Team Steeg


Volleyball Tournament

Open Champions: Ace Inhibitors


Racquetball Singles Tournament

Open Champion: Ryan Kelly


Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Open Champions: Omega Lambda Delta


Tennis Doubles Tournament

Open Champions: Benji & Wes


Fall 2018

Outdoor 3-on-3 Basketball Champions:

Men's Champion: Pike A 

Women's Champion: Triple Threat


Tennis, Singles Champion:

Matthew Eastman


Softball Tournament Champion:



Golf, Singles Champion:

Chase Carrico


Street Soccer Champions: 

CoRec Champion: 859-bal-lers

Men's Champion:      859-bal-lers   


Flag Football Champions:

CoRec Champion: Bricks    

Men's A Champion: Washed Up All Stars

Men's B Champion: Big Bozzo Brand   

Flag Football Champions:

Men's Fraternity Champion:   SAE

Women's Champion:  UK Law  

Women's Sorority Champion:  Kappa Kappa Gamma

Volleyball Champions:

CoRec Champion: APO  

Men's Champion: Alpha Sig 

Women's Champion: Chi Omega A

InnerTube Water Polo Champion:

Phi Sigma Kappa


5-on-5 Basketball Tournament Champions:

CoRec Champion: Basketball is the Best Medicine

Men's Champion: ATFLWrecker

Women's Champion: The Mighty Jungle

Badminton Champions:

Harold Corrales



Spring 2018

Dodgeball Champions:

Phi Delt Team White


Hot Shot Contest Champion:

Matt Chamblin


5-on-5 Basketball Champions: 

CoRec Champion: Semi Pro Bono

Fraternity Champion: Beta A-Team

Men's A Champion: Spray Up Vol 2

5-on-5 Basketball Champions: 

Men's B Champion: Splash Fam

Sorority Champion:     The Mighty Jungle

Women's Champion: Phi Rho

Inner Tube Water Polo Champions:

Phi Delta Theta


7 v 7 Outdoor Soccer League Champions:

CoRec Champions

Men's Champions

Women's Champions

Futsal Champions:


Volleyball Champions:


Softball Champion:

Frickin Dingers


Racquetball Champion:

Jonathan Davies


Ultimate Frisbee Champion:

Discs Out For Harambe


Tennis Doubles Champion:




Fall 2017

3 on 3 Outdoor Basketball Champions:

Co-Rec Champion: DPT 20

Men's Champion: Pike B


4 v 4 Soccer Champions:

Co-Rec Champion: Patterson

Men's Champion: The Internationals

Women's Champion: Alpha Phi A

5 on 5 Basketball Tourney Champions:

Co-Rec Champions: Spray Up

Men's Champion: Splash Fam

Women's Champion:The Mighty Jungle

Badminton, Singles Champion:

Jasen Sonday


Cornhole Doubles Champions: 

Team UK


Flag Football Champions:   

Co-Rec Champion: Dylan and Friends

Fraternity Champion: Theta Chi A

Men's A Champion: Team Carter

Flag Football Champions:   

Men's B Champion: Big Bozzo Brand

Women's Champion: Theta Beavers

Women's Sorority: Alpha Phi A

Street Soccer Champions:

Men's Champion: 2K17


Tennis, Singles Champions:  

 August 30: Bryce

September 10: Eric



Co-Rec Champion: The Beta Blockers

Men's Champion: Compton Cowboys

Women's Champion: All Sets Are Off