Virtual Well Hut Week 1: Stress & KORU

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Stressed about the end of the semester? 

Take a deep breath... here are a few resources and strategies to help you manage your stress and finish the semester strong. 

According to the Fall 2019 National College Health Assessment, 34% of University of Kentucky's students reported stress negatively impacted their academic performance. 

These 5 resources and strategies can help you combat stress: 


Take advantage of KORU, a mindfulness and meditation program, aimed towards college students. Reduce stress and anxiety in your life by learning specific skills to calm and focus your mind. Sign up for free classes here. 

KORU Video

Academic Coaching

Schedule an appointment with an academic coach to equip you will skills and tools to be successful in college and beyond. Academic coaching is a free opportunity for students to improve one or more of the following areas: achieving goals, creating a balance between work, life, and college, time management skills, etc. To learn more about academic coaching and how to schedule an appointment click here

The Sleep Well App 

Get adequate sleep to feel rested every day. Research indicates the right amount of sleep impacts not only your emotional well-being but your physical, academic performance, and overall safety. Click here to learn more about the Sleep Well app and how to download it for free. The app includes a full program which can be completed in 4-12 weeks, depending on your specific sleep concerns and commitment to better sleep. 

Physical Activity 

Add some physical activity to your schedule. According to a Mayoclinic article, exercise helps relieve stress by pumping your endorphins (feel-good hormones) and elevating your mood. So get outside and get your sweat on. You can also participate in UK's virtual group fitness classes over winter break. You can find more information on virtual group fitness classes here. 

Social Connection

According to a Mayoclinic article, social support can combat stress. Lack of social support/connection can lead to loneliness and isolation. Social support networks are made up of friends, family and peers. Create a quaranteam over winter intercession. A quaranteam is a social bubble made up of a group of individuals who choose to socialize together and follow a mutually agreed-upon set of rules or guidelines during the pandemic. Learn more about quaranteams here

Check out more student well-being resources at:

Join us on zoom Wednesday December 2nd at 4:00 pm to chat with a Student Wellness Ambassador to discuss this week's well-being topic!