Week 4 Virtual Well Hut - Fitness

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Fitness from Afar

Need to get active? Let's talk about it. 

Benefits of moving your body + mind

- Improves your memory and brain function

- Improves your quality of sleep 

- Reduces feelings of anxiety and depression

- Aid in weight management 

- Reduces your risk of illness and disease


Virtual group fitness classes (UK) 

Link to schedule/register: https://www.uky.edu/recwell/fitness/virtual-group-fitness

Virtual personal training


Mindfulness + Meditation (KORU)

75 minute class via zoom over 4 weeks by trained KORU instructor

Bundle up & get outside!

Being outside (safely in winter months) can lead to significant health benefits 


Check out more student well-being resources at: 


Join us on zoom Wednesday, January 6th at 4:00 pm to chat with a Student Wellness Ambassador to discuss this week's well-being topic!