Student Wellness Ambassadors

Name: Blake Harvey

Year in School: Junior

Major: Human Health Sciences

Reason for becoming a SWA: I wanted the opportunity to be a part of a diverse team of students focused on health to have an impact on the wellness of UK's student community. 

Fun Fact: At a wolf sanctuary in Colorado, a timber wolf licked my face.



Name: Aysha Afzal

Year in School: Senior

Major: Neuroscience (and a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies)

Reason for becoming SWA: I think health and wellness should be students' first priority, but this can be easily forgotten in the midst of leading busy college lives. That's why I'm glad I'm part of a team that helps educate students on how to take care of themselves, and making them aware that they can have fun in college while simultaneously  being safe and responsible!

Fun Fact: I love to travel!



Name: Liz Emerson

Year in School: Senior

Major: Business Management

Reason for becoming SWA: I became a SWA because I was shocked when I learned how many wellness resources we have available to us on campus that nobody knows about! I wnated to learn more about them myself and help other students utilize them as well. 

Fun Fact: I love coffee!


Headshot .jpeg

Name: Haley Napier 

Year in school: Senior 

Major: Dietetics 

Reason for becoming a SWA: I love all things health and wellness and I truly enjoy helping others learn more about it! 

Fun fact: I am a type one diabetic and my end goal is to become a diabetes educator so that I can help others through my own experiences. 


Name: Siraj Patel

Year in school: PY2 (Pharmacy year 2)

Major: I have a bachelors degree in business management, I am in pharmacy school doing the dual degree MBA program.

Reason for becoming a SWA: I enjoy helping students and promoting a healthy, successful, fun college lifestyle to students. Seeing how much happiness comes from students as I talk and make connections with them, makes all the difference for why being a SWA is truly remarkable.

Fun fact: I have been working on my physical self this past year by making a huge lifestyle I have lost 45 pounds. Using lifestyle modifications by eating better and going to the gym consistently.  


Work Photo.jpg

Name: Rachel Reynolds

Year: Junior

Major: Human Health Sciences Pre-PT

Reason for becoming a SWA: I've always been interested in holistic health and wellness, and I was excited for the chance to become a SWA! Through this position, I have been able to learn about health topics that are valuable for everyone at UK, including myself! Being a SWA opens the door to difficult and sometimes uncomfortable conversations, but it is a wonderful opportunity to reach other students in a meaningful way.

Fun Fact: I am bilingual (English and Spanish), and I am working on adding Portuguese and Swahili to the mix! 



Name: Tia Gorecki

Year in school: Junior

Major: Public Health

Reason for becoming a SWA: To get an introduction on how wellness works with a large group of people and to learn more about our campus!

Fun fact: I love animals! I have two dogs, two cats, and two guinea pigs, but sadly they all had to stay home in Wisconsin with my family. 



Name: Neely Patel

Year in school: Senior

Major: Biology

Reason for becoming a SWA: I really believe in the mission behind SWA and their passion and determination to promote all aspects of wellness. I also really love engaging with students and this organization has allowed me to meet new people while also combining my interest in health and well-being. Being a SWA has been such a fun and exciting experience that has taught me so much and has given me the opportunity to teach others as well.

Fun fact: I love traveling and have been to over 20 different countries!



Name: Ryan Deschapell

Year in school: Senior

Major: Social Work

Reason for becoming a SWA: I became a Student Wellness Ambassador because I was inspired by the opportunity to get more involved on campus while simultaneously connecting with the student body.  I believe this is a unique chance to better integrate the utilization of wellness resources into everyday life on UK’s campus and subsequently contribute to a healthier and more positive college experience for students.

Fun fact: I have moved a total of 12 times and only one of those was for the military.



Name: Carlos Lewis

Class: Junior

Major: Integrated strategic communications

Reason for becoming a SWA: i would really like to inform students of all the great resources on campus that could help with mental health that typically get overlooked.

Fun fact: I don’t have a middle name



Name: Anusha Akhtar

Year in school: Junior

Major: Neuroscience

Reason for becoming a SWA: In the midst of classes and pursuing a career, health and wellness is an aspect that many college student forget about. As a student wellness ambassador I want to bring awareness to certain issues that many of us face, while bringing information about solutions. College can be a stressful time but we're here to help you make it as enjoyable as possible.

Fun fact: I'm also on the board for the Muslim Student Association!



Name: Karmen Loehr

Year in school: Junior

Major: Biology, Pre-Med

Reason for becoming a SWA: I became a SWA so that I could contribute to spreading awareness of overall wellness to students on our campus.

Fun fact: I’m allergic to all types of grasses.



Name: Riley Callard

Year in school: Senior

Major: Health Promotion

Reason for becoming a SWA: I became a SWA because I want to give important health information out so my peers can make healthy decisions. A healthy lifestyle is so important for college and I want everybody to have that and understand where they can get help.

Fun fact: This summer I went to Switzerland because my dad works there and we did a lot of fun sightseeing. My picture is on top of one of the tallest mountains there. 


Name: Jenna Elam

Year in school: Junior

Major: Kinesiology

Reason for becoming a SWA: To get the word out about all of UK's awesome wellness resources! 

Fun fact: I could eat buffalo chicken wings for every meal. 


Name: Abbie Higgins

Year in school: Junior

Major: Social Work

Reason for becoming a SWA: I want to be a voice for the students and making sure that they understand that wellness is an important part of college, and overall wellbeing. I want to show students all of the resources we have on campus. I want students to be able to know that their are people they can ask questions to without judgement. 

Fun fact: I want to start a wilderness therapy program at UK! I also rock climb!