Student Wellness Ambassadors

Student Wellness Ambassadors

The Student Wellness Ambassadors (SWA) work collaboratively to inform students a variety of student well-being topics ranging from alcohol & other drug prevention, stress reduction, healthy sleep habits and more to promote safe and responsible lifestyle decisions. This is a group of highly motivated and well-trained students who organize educational programs across campus and throughout Central KY. SWA believes that students have the right to make their own decisions and that they are here to provide quality, research-based information.   

Want to have a Student Wellness Ambassador at your next event or training? Contact Thomas Ard.


meet Our team

Name: Tiffany Arms

Year in School: Junior

Studying: Human Health Sciences, Pre-PA

Fun Fact: I love coffee and visiting coffee shops.


Name: Katie Biel

Year in School: Sophomore

Studying: Human Nutrition

Fun Fact: My favorite free time activity is doing paint-by-numbers.


Name: Maddy Blades

Year in School: Graduate student

Studying: Dietetics, Pre-PA

Reason for becoming a SWA: I joined SWA because I want to be an advocate to all students regarding all the amazing wellness resources offered to give them the best college experience possible!

Fun Fact: I've lived in four different states


Name: Kalena Borchardt

Year in School: Graduate student

Studying: Pharmacy school

Reason for becoming a SWA: I joined SWA because I wanted to use my knowledge to advocate for student health and spread information about campus resources.

Fun Fact: I am vaccine certified and have been helping give COVID vaccines this past year.


Name: Supriya Challa

Year in School: Senior

Studying: Psychology, Pre-Medical track

Reason for becoming a SWA: I became a SWA because I love spreading the message of the importance of self-care. UK has an amazing amount of free services that students should take advantage of and I'm proud to be apart of a group that encourage mental and physical health awareness. 

Fun Fact: I spent a month trekking the Chihuahuan desert in Texas traversing over 100 miles. It was a wonderful experience that really gave me perspective along with a great group of friends. 


Name: Alyssa Hargis

Year in School: Junior

Studying:  Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Public Health

Fun Fact: Skyline Chili is my favorite food (Cincinnati Style Chili is the best)!


Name: Isha Jogani

Year in School: Senior

Studying:  Biology, minor in Psychology

Fun Fact: I have been dancing since I was in middle school!


Name: Satvi Limbasia

Year in School: Senior

Studying:  Biology and Neuroscience

Fun Fact: I am trilingual and am trying to add two more in the mix!


Name: Lynn Maamari

Year in School: Graduate student

Studying: Master's in Nutrition and Food Systems

Fun Fact:  I have a health and wellness Instagram account called @yourhealthydiaryy where I promote nutrition facts & healthy products while highlighting the importance of self-love, self-care and well-being! 


Name: Princess Magor Agbozo

Year in School: Sophomore

Studying: Public Health, Pre-Medical track

Fun Fact: I love to travel and explore different places and cultures whenever I can. 


Name: Avery O'Nan

Year in School: Senior

Studying: Health Promotion, minor in Family Sciences

Fun Fact: I have never been out of the country, but my first place on my bucket list is Greece!


Name: Elizabeth Pack

Year in School: Junior

Studying: Kinesiology

Reason for becoming a SWA: I became a SWA to learn more about wellness and the wellness resources that we have on campus. I want to put what I learn into practice and teach others about it.

Fun Fact: I'm a triplet and I enjoy rock climbing


Name: Amit Patel

Year in School: Senior

Studying: Kinesiology, Pre-Medical track

Fun Fact: Taco Bell is my favorite go-to fast food!


Name: Kate Reardon

Year in School: Sophomore

Studying: Biomedical Engineering

Fun Fact: I've ran 3 half marathons.


Name: Taylor Siemens

Year in School: Senior

Studying: Public Health

Fun Fact: I was interested in becoming a Student Wellness Ambassador to get the opportunity to connect students with the various resources on campus. There are so many resources available to help make students' lives on and off campus better! 


Name: Zachary Shewmaker

Year in School: Junior

Studying: Health Promotion

Fun Fact: I like to read, run, and workout.


Name: Daisy Zhang

Year in School: Senior

Studying: Dietetics

Fun Fact: I never wear matching socks!



All Student Wellness Ambassador positions have been filled for the 21-22 academic year. Applications for the next academic year are closed at this time.

For more information on applications for the 22-23 academic year, contact Karmen Loehr.