Mandated Education Workshops

Alcohol & Other Drug Restorative Actions

The Office of Campus Recreation & Wellness, Student Wellness works closely with the Office of Student Conduct to ensure education and behavior change theory are an integral part of Alcohol & Other Drug Restorative Actions. Student Wellness is consistently working to ensure the most up to date relevant information is included in all three levels of Restorative Actions and that each course is delivered to the appropriate audience based on the individuals violation and finding. 

To register online for the Restorative Action assigned to you please click here.  

To pay in person go to the Johnson Center Front Office (Cash or Credit Card ONLY).

IMPORTANT: Make sure you register for the appropriate course assigned to you by your conduct officer.  Campus Recreation & Wellness staff do not have access to your conduct letter to assist you in selecting the correct course.

Course Descriptions

Online Courses: Alcohol Sanctions and Drug Rx Sanctions

  1. Register for the online course by clicking here for Alcohol Sanctions and/or here for Drug Rx.
  2. Following the purchase of the course you will receive a link at the bottom of your receipt directing you to a pre-survey.  
  3. Follow the link at the end of the pre-survey to the online course assigned to you.
  4. At the completion of the course email Lindsey Peterson at with a screenshot of you completion certificate.  
  5. Your hold will be lifted no sooner than 72 business hours from the time you send the verfication email.

Group Courses: AlcoholU and DrugU

  1. Register for AlcoholU here and DrugU here.
  2. Please read Rules and Regulations below prior to attending the group restorative actions.

Brief Alcohol Screening Intervention for College Students (BASICS) and Cannabis Screening and Intervention for College Students (CASICS)

  1. Register for BASICS and/or CASICS here.
  2. Once you have registered, send your availability for an individual session with your BASICS/CASICS Coach by completing the form found here.  
  3. Your BASICS/CASICS Coach will email you directly to set up your first session. 
  4. Please read Rules and Regulations below prior to attending the coaching session.
  5. Your hold will be lifted no sooner than 72 business hours from the time you complete the second session.

Program Rules and Regulations

  1. Arrive to your workshop on time. Those who are more than five minutes late will have to reschedule and pay the full price to reschedule.

  2. If you must reschedule your session, we must be notified by the Wednesday before the date of your session. If you fail to reschedule ahead of time and do not attend the class, you will need to repay the fee and reschedule for a new class date. Contact Lindsey Peterson (859-323-7480) for any scheduling issues.

  3. Bring your valid Student ID.  If you pay or send another student to attend this workshop in your presence, you both will be charged in violation of the Code of Student Conduct.

  4. Any disrespect of your peers or the instructors will not be tolerated and you may be removed from the class. If this happens, you must reschedule and will likely have to visit with a representative from the Office of Student Conduct.

  5. Students who text or sleep during the workshop may be removed from the session and may be subject to the reassessment of a fine.

  6. Students must come to our sessions completely sober.

  7.  Anyone who does not attend the course will be expected to repay the fee associated with the course.