Fall 2019 Alcohol and Other Drug Sanctions Schedule

Spring 2019 Courses

Online Courses - Alcohol Sanctions and Rx Sanctions

Once the course is purchased, you will receive a receipt with a link on the bottom that will lead you to your pre-survey. Once that is completed, you will see a link to your intended course on the survey completion page. This will allow you to take the course at a time that is convenient for you. After completing the course, email Lindsey Peterson at lindsey.peterson@uky.edu with a screenshot of your completion. This will be verified and then passed on for the removal of your hold (allow up to 72 business hours).

To register for Alcohol Sanctions click here.

To register for DrugRx click here.

Group classes - AlcoholU and DrugU  

Held on weekdays between 4pm and 8pm.

Location: The location for each class is different and can be seen at the point of sale.                                                                     

Remaining classes for the semester can be found here

**If you need to reschedule your class, you will need to do so by the Wednesday before your class at 5pm by coming into, or calling, the Johnson Center Front Office. 

If you are not in attendance, then you will be expected to repay the fee and can do so by coming into, or calling, the Johnson Center Front Office, or at recwellservices.uky.edu.

To register for AlcoholU click here.

To register for DrugU click here.



Once your BASICS/CASICS course is purchased, you will need to fill out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/XK3uHIfDNiQWDpjj1 Once the form has been submitted, an instructor that matches your availability will reach out to you by email to set up your two sessions. After completing the course, please allow up to 72 business hours for the removal of your hold. 

To register for BASICS and/or CASICS click here.