Wellness Outreach

Wellness Outreach

Student Wellness Ambassadors

The Student Wellness Ambassadors mission is to inform students on aspects of wellness such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, general well-being, and financial wellness in order to promote safe and responsible lifestyle decisions.  This is a group of highly motivated and well-trained students who organize educational programs and events throughout campus and the community.  The SWA believe that all students have the right to make their own decisions on issues - we just help provide them with quality, research-based information.

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Well Kentucky

Well Kentucky is a campus‐wide network of wellness professionals committed to assessing and addressing the health and well-being needs of students at The University of Kentucky.  The mission of Well Kentucky is to empower health and well-being for all University of Kentucky students.  While the vision is to provide an opportunity for collaboration of health and wellness professionals across campus to provide comprehensive student well-being programs and services.

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The Well Hut

Find the Well Hut at various locations around campus, engaging students in educational games and activities that focus on student well-being.  The Well Hut acts as a satellite wellness office, staffed by peer educators to provide a variety of wellness topics and opportunities.

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Wellness Resource Kits

Are you an office that is often asked about campus resources for student well-being?  The Wellness Resource Kit provides content from a variety of student wellness offices including but not limited to Counseling Center, VIP, Financial Wellness, and more.  The Wellness Resource Kit will vary in content based on current student wellbeing campaigns.  If you would like a Wellness Resource Kit in your building, please contact Courtney Hoffman.