Well Kentucky



To empower health and well-being for all University of Kentucky students.



An opportunity for collaboration of health and wellness professionals across campus to provide comprehensive student well-being programs and services.



Sharing a fundamental belief that success and achievement are built upon a foundation of health and wellness, Well Kentucky values:

  • Holistic—The well-being of the whole person is important and inextricably related to and influenced by the well-being of the whole community.
  • Collaboration—In order to accomplish meaningful change at the University, individuals and departments from across the institution must collaborate and partner with each other.
  • Community—The broad and diverse perspectives of all members of our community must be heard and respected to best serve the University community
  • Assessment—The support of data and assessment facilitate thoughtful and strategic decisions.



Well Kentucky is a campus‐wide network of wellness professionals committed to assessing and addressing the health and well-being needs of students at The University of Kentucky.



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