Title IV Compliance Requirements

For Faculty/Instructors

To comply with Title IV regulations, faculty are required to report students for non-attendance/non-participation/non-engagement through the class roll in MyUK/Faculty Services.  Faculty only need to mark students that are NOT attending/engaging/participating on the class roll. If all students are attending/engaging/participating, faculty can indicate this in one place on the class roll. Once a student is marked for non-attendance/non-participation/non-engagement in the class roll, the student will be dropped from the class and from CANVAS with a grade symbol “NA”. The student, faculty member/instructor, academic advisor and financial aid counselor will be notified by email of the drop. Financial aid disbursement may be reduced. The drop will result in a 50% refund to the student. Courses dropped for non-attendance/non-participation/non-engagement will not appear on the student’s transcript. If a student is adversely or unfairly impacted by this requirement and forced to withdraw from a class, the student may seek relief through the tuition appeals process.

  • Faculty/Instructors should report non-compliant students on the class roll accessed through MyUK/Faculty Services/Class Rolls.  
  • Attendance verification dates for any class offered Summer 2022 can be found on the class roll at myUK/Faculty Services/Class Roll.

Specific questions regarding this policy should be directed to your college’s Associate Dean or to the University Registrar.  


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For Students

The University of Kentucky has a process in place for instructors to confirm ONE time if a student has attended, participated or engaged at the beginning of the semester in EACH class for which the student is enrolled. This process ensures that after the start of classes, Federal Student Aid funds are not disbursed without the University confirming that recipients have begun attendance/engagement/participation.

Attendance, participation and engagement in each class will be confirmed by the instructor after the last day to add for any class offered Summer 2022. If a student fails to begin attending/participating/engaging in any registered class or classes, the student will be dropped and Canvas will be updated to reflect the drop. Once a student is dropped, an email notification will be sent to the student, faculty/instructor, academic advisor and financial aid counselor.

The drop will result in a 50% refund to the student and courses dropped for non-attendance/non-participation/non-engagement will NOT appear on the student’s transcript.

If a student is incorrectly dropped from a class, the student must communicate with the instructor to seek reinstatement. The instructor of record may notify the Office of the University Registrar to have the student reinstated.

Any previously disbursed federal financial aid may need to be adjusted for students who fail to begin attendance/participation/engagement in a class or classes. This may result in less aid and and/or payback of previously disbursed aid.

Please direct any questions about this process to the Office of the University Registrar.

Federal Student Aid Handbook – see page 4-72, 4-73.


Accommodations: For reasonable accommodations please contact the Disability Resource Center at www.uky.edu/drc or by email at drc@uky.edu