Summer Session FAQ

Schedule of Classes/Schedule Building Questions

Q - Will all course sections have to last all 12 weeks during the 2019 summer session?

A - No.  Departments and colleges will have the flexibility of offering their course sections at varying lengths during the 12-week 2019 summer term, as long as each course section meets for the required amount of contact minutes per credit hour. Although departments and colleges can offer their course sections at varying lengths, the Registrar’s Office will provide the department and college schedule builders the specific date ranges of the standardized meeting blocks (1st 4-weeks, 2nd 4-weeks, 3rd 4-weeks, 1st 6-weeks, 2nd 6-weeks, 1st 8-weeks, etc.) during the 2019 summer session.


Q - When will the 2019 summer session be published in the online course catalog?

A - The 2019 summer session schedule of classes is currently published in the online course catalog.


Q - If a course section only meets for part of the 12-week 2019 summer session, will it still follow the full-term add/drop, grading, and refund dates?

A - No.  If a course section only meets for part of the 12-week 2019 summer session, it will be flagged as “part of term” in ZEVPLAN, which generates unique add/drop, grading, and refund dates based on the date range that the course section meets. 


Q - If a course section only meets for part of the 12-week 2019 summer session, will the department still have to receive approval from the Senate Council?

A - No.  Departments and colleges will no longer have to receive special approval from the Senate Council to offer part of term courses during the single summer session.


Q – Will course sections for the 2019 summer session have to follow a standardized meeting pattern that’s used during the fall and spring semesters?

A – It is highly recommended that departments and colleges make an effort to follow one of the standardized meeting patterns that was approved by the University Senate in September 2015. However, since course sections during the summer session will be meeting for varying accelerated lengths of time, it is recommended that course sections for the 2019 summer session at least have a standardized start time and/or end time.


Enrollment/Registration Questions

Q - When will students register for classes for the 2019 summer session?

A - Students will be eligible to register during priority registration in March/April 2019.


Q - What credit hour amount will allow students to be considered full-time?

A - Undergraduate students will attain full-time status for summer session with 12 credits or more, and Graduate students will attain full-time status for summer session with 9 credits or more. 


Q - What is the maximum amount of hours a student can register for?

A - Undergraduate students can register for a maximum of 13 credit hours and graduate students can register for a maximum of 12 credit hours during the summer session.


Q - How do I withdrawal from my summer class(es)?

A - Follow the instructions on the following page:


Q - When are summer midterm grades due?

A - The University Senate does not currently require midterm grades during summer and winter sessions.


Tuition/Fees Questions

Q - Will tuition and fees be capped?

A - Yes. As with the fall and spring semesters, tuition and fees will be capped once a student attains full-time status. (Please see Q/A #9 for full-time definition).


Q - What will the distance learning rates be for courses?

A - Distance learning courses will be assessed at regular residency rates for 2019, but Deans will work on a pricing strategy for future single summer terms.


Financial Aid Questions

Q - What impact will the move to a summer term have on my financial aid?

A - There will be no change in eligibility for financial aid. Students must be enrolled at least half time during the summer term in order to qualify for federal financial aid.


Q - When will my financial aid be disbursed?

A - Financial aid will be disbursed to pre-registered students at the beginning of the summer term. Otherwise financial aid will be disbursed 7-10 days after you register for classes at any point during the summer term.

Orientation Questions

Q - Will there be additional orientations offered to accommodate the varying start dates of course sections?

A - Yes. Orientation and registration will be held on May 6.  Any student that cannot attend either date will be able to register for summer classes during a "see blue" U orientation.


Housing and Dining Questions

Q - Is there a minimum number of credit hours I need to take in summer to qualify for living on campus?

A - No, with the addition of a Summer Break Housing option in summer 2017, any UK or BCTC student, no matter their summer enrollment status, can live in the Summer School Hall.


Q - How will the summer school housing work?

A - Students living in Lexington for summer school, internships, jobs, etc. are encouraged to live on campus during the summer term. A dedicated Summer School Hall will be available, and students will be able to check in or our out throughout the summer based on their preferences and schedule.


Q - Can I choose when I move in and out anytime during the 12 weeks?

A - Yes, students will be able to choose their expected arrival and departure dates on their Summer housing application.


Q - How will the summer meal plan work?

A - Meal plan options will be similar to those offered during the summer of 2018.  UK Dining will have two to three traditional meal plans with flex dollars as well as flex-only meal plan options for students to choose from. The dining locations available will be based on students’ demand and will follow similar honors hours of operation as Summer 2018.


Q - Is there an installment payment plan?

A - No, summer housing charges will be billed on a monthly basis, which will eliminate the need for an installment payment plan.