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Astra Schedule Access

The University of Kentucky is currently using Astra Schedule version 8.9. If you need specific scheduling/view access to Astra Schedule, please contact Nathan Congleton with an explanation of what your needs are for the program.

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SAP Course Scheduling Access

To gain access to any of the course scheduling and event planning functions in the GUI and the Portal, you will first need to complete a set of Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) training courses. Please consult with your department/college SLCM training contact to determine which courses you need to take.

See List of SLCM Training Courses

See SLCM Training Contacts


Event Planning Window, Open Lab, and Training Date Information

ZEVPLAN access for Winter and Spring 2020 is now open through Friday, August 30, at 4:30 PM. Open labs for the Winter and Spring event planning cycle will be held on June 19, July 11, August 12, August 23, August 29, and August 30, all from 1 PM to 4:30 PM in McVey Hall 203. The next SLCM_AD_300 will be held on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in McVey Hall Room 204 (155 Graham Avenue). If you’re a new schedule builder, please be sure to sign up for this before attending the course. In order to receive credit for SLCM_AD_300, a training plan that includes this course must be scheduled and approved in advance of the date listed.

View the Winter and Spring 2020 Schedule of Classes Reminders (PDF).

For all schedule builders that have previously completed SLCM_AD_300, please download an updated PDF copy of the presentation here.


Standardized Meeting Pattern Rule

All 3.0 credit hour course sections that require a centrally-scheduled classroom must follow a standardized meeting pattern. These meeting patterns allow for maximum access to class offerings for students, and they also facilitate the most efficient use of classrooms. With increased enrollment, standardized meeting patterns also allow for more classes to be taught throughout the week. 

Access the Senate-endorsed Standard Meeting Pattern rule, which lists all of the recognized standardized meeting patterns to use.


How to Make Changes to the Course Schedule (Pink Sheets)

In order to make any changes to the course schedule, you must submit a pink sheet. The following constitutes as a change to the course schedule:

  • Adding a new course section
  • Changing the meeting pattern (days met and times) for a course section
  • Canceling a course section

Download pink sheet

Once it has been filled out and signed by the appropriate personnel in your department/college, you can either fax your pink sheet to 257-9200, or email to If you fax your pink sheet, you must provide a contact person.


How to Request a Classroom for your Course Sections

For each semester, department and college event planners must submit classroom requests for any course sections that are to be assigned to a centrally-scheduled classroom. To request a main campus centrally-scheduled classroom for a course section, please contact For any medical campus centrally-scheduled classroom requests for course sections, please contact Angel Schumacher. Specific instructions detailing this process are also sent to all department/college event planners for each semester’s course scheduling window.


How to Add Course Section Notes

Dates and times of common hour exams and all other course notes that should appear in the online course catalog schedule should be sent to Notes should be submitted via email in an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. Please consider the following when submitting your course section notes:

  • Because course notes do not roll from semester to semester, it is important that each department submit all notes that they wish to appear for every course/section in the online course catalog.
  • Be aware that notes do not enforce registration restrictions -- they merely serve as reminders to students about the restrictions associated with a course and any booking rules that may be in place for that course/section. Any questions regarding the notes section of the online course catalog should be directed to Nathan Congleton.

It is imperative that an event package ID number (EPID) be submitted for every course note. Any course note submitted without an EPID will not be entered into the system.


How to Enforce Course Prerequisites

If you wish for any prerequisites to be enforced (checked) for your courses at the time of registration, please email Nathan Congleton with those requests before registration begins. Be aware that prerequisites can only be enforced at the course level, and the enforcement must be the same as the University Senate-approved prerequisite that’s listed for each course in the University Bulletin and online course catalog.


How to Enforce Booking Rules

Booking Rules are any major, classification, college, or special restrictions needed for course registration. Although they can be applied at the course or section level, please note that any section that has a booking rule must have an attached section note detailing the restriction. This helps to elminate confusion when students try to register for restricted sections. If any department or college event planner would like access to add booking rules to course sections, please complete the online training course, “SLCM_AD_315 Booking Rules”. Contact your department/college SLCM training plan contact to add this course to your training plan.

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