Grading Information

Grading Window

The final grading window opens the Monday before finals week. Per Senate Rule 5.1.6 grades should be submitted within 72 hours after the final examination is administered and must be on file with the Registrar no later than 5:00 PM the Monday after finals week. Grading windows are published on the academic calendar.


Help and Resources

  • For assistance transferring your grades from Canvas to the grading portal, click here or call 859-218-4357.
  • For assistance accessing your course in the myUK grading portal, click here.
  • For myUK grade entry and grade change procedural documents, click here.
  • For all other questions regarding grade entry, click here.

Importance of Timely Grade Entry

Important processes such as degree conferral, end-of-term progression (e.g. GPA, classification, academic standing and honors updates), eligibility for Financial Aid and course pre-requisite checks rely on timely grade entry.


What Grade Do I Enter for Students Who Have Never Attended the Course?

If a student has NEVER attended class and has not participated in any academic-related activity for the course, you should submit an “N” grade (not in class).


After Recording All Final Grades, Be Sure You Submit to the Registrar




Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

To review the FERPA guidelines, please visit the FERPA site.