Prospective Students

Legacy Tuition Program

The University of Kentucky offers partial tuition awards to eligible non-resident undergraduate children of UK graduates. An eligible student is defined as a child whose mother, father, or step-parent has earned a bachelor, graduate, doctorate, or professional degree from the University of Kentucky, whose parent or step-parent is a life member of the UK Alumni Association, and who would normally be subject to non-resident tuition rates. New first-time freshmen will be eligible for the Legacy Tuition Program for a total of eight semesters. Transfer students are eligible through the equivalent of their eighth semester of undergraduate study. Semesters of prior college enrollment at other institutions are considered in the total eight semesters. Automatic renewal each semester is contingent upon the student’s full-time enrollment on the UK main campus while maintaining a good academic standing and the qualifying parent’s active life membership in the UK Alumni Association. Eligibility for continued enrollment in the program will be verified each semester. Students are required to complete the application in order to receive the benefits.

Students who participate in cooperative education programs or who participate in Study Abroad programs should contact the Office of Academic Scholarships for information regarding eligibility during these semesters. Student athletes should contact the Athletics Office to ensure compliance with NCAA regulations.

Application Forms & Deadlines

Fall Deadline: March 1 --

Spring Deadline: December 1 --


Project Graduate

If you left UK after earning 80 or more credit hours without completing your bachelor’s degree now’s the time to finish what you started! We invite you to participate in Project Graduate, a statewide program designed to make it convenient for you to return to UK to complete your degree.

To learn more about this program, please click here.


UK International Center

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UK Transfer Center

Housed within Enrollment Management, the Transfer Center works with prospective and current transfer students to facilitate their transition and overall success at UK. To learn more about the Transfer Center, please click here.


Veterans Resource Center

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Prior Learning Programs


Special Departmental Examinations

Almost any course offered at the University is available for credit by special examination, regardless of whether a student has audited the course, is currently enrolled in it, or has studied it independently. Please note, most elementary and intermediate foreign language courses are not available on the basis of a special examination. Any full-time or part-time student enrolled in the University, and in good academic standing, has the right to request a special examination for credit in many courses offered (check with the offering department), regardless of whether the student has audited the course, is currently enrolled in it, or has studied for it independently.

Please note, most elementary and intermediate foreign language courses are not available on the basis of a special examination. Application for a special examination must be made in writing. (Students should obtain application forms in the Registrar's Office.) Undergraduates should address requests to the chair of the department in which the course is given, or to the office of the educational unit responsible; graduate students, to the director of graduate studies in the department in which the course is given. Approval of requests from undergraduate students rests with the department chairperson; from graduate students, with the Dean of The Graduate School, acting upon recommendation of the director of graduate studies.

The request for special examination may be denied by the department chair or the office of the educational unit responsible, or the Dean of The Graduate School, acting upon recommendation of the director of graduate studies, if it is decided that the student has not furnished evidence that he or she is reasonably prepared to take the examination, or that the course is of such a nature that credit by examination is inappropriate. (The fact that a student has failed the course within the last semester may be regarded as evidence that the student is unprepared to take a special examination.)

The examiner designated by the educational unit may schedule the examination at his or her convenience, but must offer it within a reasonable time after the student has submitted his or her request. The examiner shall inform the Registrar of the student's grade in the course. A student currently enrolled in the class who successfully completes a special examination will be formally removed from the official roll by the Registrar, unless the student is dissatisfied with the results, in which case he or she may continue in the course and be graded in the usual manner. The examiner then may or may not include the results of the special examination in computing the final grade. Credit earned by special examination may be counted as residence credit by the dean of the student's college. The limits on maximum loads are waived in cases where the excess is due to special examination credits. The student, with the educational administrator's consent, may take the special examination on a Pass/Fail basis, including any course not otherwise available under the Pass/Fail option. Credit derived in this manner does not reduce the number of courses permitted under the Pass/Fail rules.


Advanced Placement Programs

The University of Kentucky recognizes examinations of the College Board Advanced Placement Program offered by high schools throughout the nation. Currently, UK ranks among the top 100 schools in the U.S. for receipt of AP test score results. A high school senior who wishes to have AP scores evaluated for academic credit or placement should have the results sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. UK's code is 1837. Students who receive Advanced Placement credit for a course may apply this credit the same way credit earned by passing a course is applied. UK does not recognize College Board SAT II Tests for placement or credit purposes. See UK's Advanced Placement Chart (PDF).

For more information on UK's Advanced Placement policy, contact:
Office of the University Registrar
Room 10 Funkhouser Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0054
Phone: (859) 257-2031


College Board Advanced Placement Program

For more information about Advanced Placement, contact:

College Board Advanced Placement Program
45 Columbus Avenue
New York, NY 10023-6992


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

UK participates in the national testing program of The College Board. CLEP Examinations cover specific material common to courses at many universities. Credit for University courses is awarded to students who obtain the listed scores on the appropriate Examinations, as listed in the Policy Guide for CLEP Examinations (PDF). The Registrar's Office is responsible for all official posting of credit to a student's record. For information regarding the CLEP program and posting of credit, call the Registrar's Office at (859) 257-7157.

For information on CLEP exams in general, visit the College Board Web site at


International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

The University of Kentucky recognizes course credit earned through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program offered by high schools throughout the world. Generally, course credit is awarded for scores of 5, 6, or 7 on either the Standard Level exam or the Higher Level exam. Please refer to the IB Program chart (PDF) for the actual course credit policy in each subject. Any student desiring credit must request an IB transcript to be sent to the University. Course credit awarded through the IB program will apply toward degree requirements just as if the course had been taken on campus, except that there will not be a specific letter grade associated with the course. Instead, a designation of CR -- credit -- will be awarded and the grade-point average will not be affected.

In some cases, as noted on the IB Program chart (PDF), additional curriculum information must be supplied by the student's high school before credit will be awarded. For more information, contact the Registrar's Office, (859) 257-7157.


Dual Credit

Many high school students take advantage of the University of Kentucky’s rich curricular offerings by enrolling in UK courses while finishing up their high school diplomas. However, this tradition in dual enrollment could be more adequately supported if offered within a formalized dual credit program. The Division of Undergraduate Education encourages UK faculty and college leadership to offer qualified students the opportunity to earn college credit as part of their high school curriculum.

The purpose of a formal UK Dual Credit Program is to provide academic enrichment opportunities to high school students who are ready for the rigors and challenges of coursework in a research university. In addition, the Program serves as an immersive professional development opportunity for our partner secondary school educators and counselors who learn first-hand the transitions issues inherent in the success of their students moving on to a public Research I university. Click here to learn more information about earning college credit.


National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS)

Students, particularly those 25 years of age and older, may be eligible to receive credit for extra-institutional learning.

The American Council on Education through its National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) has evaluated over 2,000 courses sponsored by over 140 corporations, organizations, and agencies drawn from business, industry, and government. On the basis of National CCRS evaluations, the University has established guidelines for awarding credit for college-level courses. The University recognizes these recommendations as appropriate credit for meeting degree requirements. The University's colleges and departments determine the amount of credit that will apply to a student's curriculum. Information on the National CCRS appears in The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs. For more information, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.