Refund and Liability Spring


Tuition refunds or outstanding fee liabilities for students who officially withdraw through the Registrar’s Office, or who change their status from full-time to part-time or further reduce their part-time status through Add/Drop, will be made according to the following schedule. All dates are those designated in the official University Calendar.


Spring 2022


The deadlines below are for FULL-TERM COURSES only (i.e., January 10 - May 6). Check the catalog for dates relating to part-of-term courses.


Students Who Withdraw By Will Receive Refund/Reduction Will Continue to Owe
January 9, 2022 100% 0%
January 14, 2022 80% 20%
February 29, 2022 50% 50%


After last day to officially withdraw per University Calendar – No Refund

Refunds are based solely on the date of withdrawal, regardless of whether students attend any class(es). As required under section 484B of the Higher Education Act (HEA), to assure recovery of federal financial aid funds, a special refund schedule applies to those students receiving Title IV financial assistance who withdraw (officially or unofficially) during the academic term.

A student not paying tuition fees and subsequently leaving or officially withdrawing from school will be held liable for a percentage of those fees. In the case of nonpayment, he or she will be declared delinquent subject to the penalties imposed by the institution for financial delinquency.

Questions concerning fee payment procedures may be directed to the Financial Ombud, 10 Funkhouser Building; email:

Questions concerning tuition refunds may be directed to the Registrar’s Office, 10 Funkhouser Building, email: