Schedule Building Resources

Winter 2022 & Spring 2023 Documentation

General documentation in support of the scheduling building process can be found below. Additional documentation specific to the current schedule building window is also provided.

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Edit access to SAP / ZEVPLAN is only granted during defined windows. During this time users may cancel, create, or modify course sections as needed. Once the window has closed, any changes not supported by myUK Applications must be submitted via pink sheet.

Changes made after registration may have significant impact on student schedules and impede a student's ability to make progress toward their degree. All efforts should be made to produce an accurate schedule prior to publication.

Click on any of the below items to access training documentation:

  • Creating a Section - Documentation regarding all aspects of creation a new section. This includes part-of-term sections, asynchronous meetings, and synchronous meetings.
  • Editing a Section - Documentation regarding how to modify an existing section. This includes changing between asynchronous/synchronous meetings.
  • Cancelling & Deleting a Section - Documentation explaining the difference between cancelling a course section or deleting it; as well as instructions on how to do each process.


Report / Request Based Processes

The following processes require the use of Tableau to audit course data and request specialized scheduling needs such as controlled enrollment, course notes, and prerequisite enforcement.

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  • Controlled Enrollment & Course Notes - The report for requesting controlled enrollment and/or course notes is shared. A course note can be requested without controlled enrollment, but controlled enrollment should always have a supporting course note.
  • Prerequisite Enforcement - System enforcement of prerequisites can be audited via Tableau report. Requests to modify enforcement rules are sent via e-mail as needed.


myUK Applications

Applications in myUK that support the schedule building process are available to authorized users at any time once the schedule building window is open. These applications remain open to users even after the schedule building window has closed and can be used for on-going maintenance.

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  • Booking Rules - Allows a user to set restrictions (major/minor, classification, college, etc.) for individual course sections or all course sections on a semester-by-semester basis.
  • Course Capacities - Allows a user to adjust the number of seats for an individual course section up to a pre-determined maximum.
  • Course Instruction Management - Allows the user to add/change/remove instructors from an individual course section as well as define percentage of responsibility and primary instructor assignments.