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AR 1:1 - Administrative Organization [PDF]



The Board of Trustees has full legal authority and responsibility for the governance of the University.  Through the Governing Regulations, the Board of Trustees has delegated to the President full authority and responsibility for all activities of the University, including but not limited to, the academic, research, health care, athletic, administrative, and financial operations.  The President may delegate any of the President's assigned authorities or responsibilities to any faculty member or staff employee of the University and may utilize subordinate administrative officers as appropriate.  All administrative officers, including but not limited to the Provost, executive vice presidents, vice presidents, deans, directors, and other subordinate officers, are subject to the supervision and direction of the President.  (See Governing Regulation III)

Topics Include

Governance, provost model

Effective Date: 8/26/2022

Responsible Official: President


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