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AR 3:1 University of Kentucky Retirement Plans [PDF]



It is the Board's intention that University employees be given a wide range of investment options during the years in which contributions are being made on the employees' behalf as well as multiple withdrawal options at the time of retirement.  The policies governing the University of Kentucky Retirement Plan are set forth in this administrative regulation and in the respective plan documents.  The Board of Trustees authorized the retirement plan carrier(s) (hereafter "carrier") for University of Kentucky employees.  The carrier may be modified from time to time by the Board of Trustees pursuant to section XIV herein.

The University shall have plan documents for each retirement plan as required by law.  In the event that language in this regulation and the plan document conflict as a result of changes in state or federal law, the plan document shall govern.

The policies governing insurance benefits for University retirees are a part of Human Resources Policy and Procedure Administrative Regulations (HRP&P) and are found in Numbers 91.0, 93.0 and 94.0.  Information on insurance programs is not included in this administrative regulation.  

Topics Include

Retirement, University of Kentucky Retirement Plan, Vesting, Contributions, Retirement Benefits


Regulation Information

Effective Date: 5/5/2020

Responsible Official / Office: Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration


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