AR 3:2

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AR 3:2 Phased Retirement Policy and Program [PDF]



The Phased Retirement Program (“program”) is designed to provide an opportunity for eligible full-time faculty and staff employees to make an orderly transition to retirement through part-time service. It is entirely voluntary and is implemented by written agreement between the employee and the University. The program does not create an absolute right of employees to phased retirement. A decision to request phased retirement rests entirely with the individual employee and shall be granted only when in the best interests of the University. The program is ongoing, but may be eliminated at any time by the University. This regulation describes the eligibility requirements for the program, the procedures for requesting phased retirement, and the terms and conditions for the program.


Topics Include

Phased Retirement, Part-time Service


Regulation Information

Effective Date: 5/3/2016

Responsible Official / Office: Provost, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Vice President for Human Resources


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