AR 4:10

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AR 4:10 Code of Student Conduct [PDF]



The University of Kentucky (UK) is committed to promoting a safe, healthy, student-centered, and inclusive community.  UK strives to create an environment where students can engage in academic inquiry and campus life.
The student conduct process helps Students learn, mature, and develop greater self-awareness while balancing the needs of the UK community.  When student behavior does not model UK’s values, the student conduct process is used to uphold the standards of UK.


Topics Include

Rights of UK students, Standards of Conduct, Restorative Actions, Initiating the Conduct Process, Interim Suspension, Amnesty, Informal and Formal Resolution Options, Appeals, Procedures for Nonpayment of Financial Obligations, and Hearing Procedures


Regulation Information

Effective Date: 8/14/2020

Responsible Official / Office: President / Provost / Associate Vice Provost for Student and Academic Life


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