AR 7-9

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AR 7:9 Institutional Conflicts of Interest Involving Research [Official PDF]



This administrative regulation is intended to provide clear guidance and procedures for the disclosure and management, or elimination, of institutional conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, that may otherwise compromise processes for the review or oversight of research.


Topics Include

Conflict of Interest, Direct Financial Holdings, Personal Financial Holdings, Institutional Conflict of Interest Official, Institutional Conflict of Interest Committee


Regulation Information

Effective Date: 10/01/2009

Responsible Official / Office: Provost / VP Research


Related Materials

Association of American Medical Colleges, 2008 Task Force Report, Protecting Patients, Preserving Integrity, Advancing Health: Accelerating the Implementation of COI Policies in Human Subjects Research

AR 7:2 - Research Conflict of Interest and Finanical Disclosure Policy