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Governing Regulation I - The University of Kentucky [PDF]



This Governing Regulation summarizes the statutory authority granted to the University of Kentucky by the Kentucky Legislature and describes the colleges and programs that constitute the University. This Regulation establishes the University's "Vision, Mission, and Values" as adopted by the Board of Trustees. This Regulation also establishes the Board's policies on matters related to University such as diversity, shared governance, and use of University property and resources.  See topics below for additional subjects contained in this Governing Regulation.


Topics Include

University of Kentucky Colleges and Programs, Vision, Mission and Values, Diversity, Shared Governance, Order of Communication and Reports, Use of University property and resources, Political Activity, Religious Activity, Tobacco Policy, Solicitation of Funds, Campus Sales


Regulation Information

Effective Date: 6/17/2022

Responsible Official / Office: Board of Trustees


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