Regulations Review Committee

Regulations Review Committee (AR 1:6)

The Regulations Review Committee is appointed by the President and comprised of representatives from the major units within Office of the Provost, each of the Executive Vice Presidential areas, the Office of General Counsel, University Senate, and the Staff Senate.



Marcy Deaton
Senior Associate General Counsel 
Office of Legal Counsel

Provost and Student Success Subcommittee

Dr. Katherine McCormick '22
Early Childhood Development
College of Education

Dr. RaeAnne Pearson '23
Planning and Accreditation
Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. G. T. Lineberry '22
Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement
Office for Faculty Advancement

Ms. Jennifer Bradshaw '22
Assistant Dean of Finance and Operations
College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Kathryn Cardarelli ‘23
Sr. Associate Provost for Administration and Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost

Judy Pistilli '23  
Dean Associate/Administration
College of Medicine

Bill Verble ’23
Senior HR Business Partner - Provost Areas
Human Resources

Dr. Davy Jones '22
Professor, Toxicology and Cancer Biology
College of Medicine

Dr. Aaron Cramer 
Chair, Senate Council, Ex-Officio
College of Engineering






Administrative Subcommittee

Martha Alexander '22
Executive Director
Office of Institutional Equity and Equal Opportunity

Richard Amos ‘23
Chief Benefits Officer & Executive Director
Human Resources

Ellen Gish ‘23
Associate General Counsel
Office of Legal Counsel

Kim Lush '23
Asst. Treasurer/Policy and Training Director
Office of the Treasurer

Troy C. Martin ‘23
Human Resources Manager

Abbie Loynachan '24
Smart Campus Initiative Director
Student Success Administration

Shannon Means '24
Sr. Dir. Financial Strat. & Decision
University Budget Office

Em Neiport '24
Project Manager III
COM Dean's Office

Michael Sheron ’24
IT Policy and Privacy Analyst
Information Technology Services

Ali Yankey '24
Contract Coordinator Principal
Office of Technology and Commercialization