Agendas & Notes

Provost's Committee on Advising Meeting Agendas & Brief Notes:

June 8, 2021

Financial Aid Updates

Higher Education Emergency Relief Funding

Big Blue Nation Orientations

Retention Updates


May 12, 2021

Summer Programs

Registrar Updates

Policy Sub-Committee Updates


April 14, 2021

Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships Updates

Readmit Orientations

Summer Programs

Advising for Summer Programs


March 10, 2021

Veteran Benefits Overview

Retention Update

Integrated Coaching Presentation Part 2


February 10, 2021

Math Placement Information

UK 101 Updates

APP Updates

Retroactive Withdrawal Update

Athletic Interest Survey Update

Registration Update

Integrated Coaching Part 1


January 20, 2021

HealthCorps Update

myUK GPS Update


December 9, 2020

HealthCorps Update

Retention Overview

U.S. Census Job Data:

Registrar Updates


November 11, 2020

Advising Hub 2.0 Updates

Student Involvement Opportunities

Winter Intersession Support

APP Updates


October 14, 2020

UK Online Compliance:

Honors Updates

Double-Majors for Incoming Students

Advising Hub 2.0 Updates and Feedback

Spring and Winter Schedule of Classes

Midterm Grade Outreach


September 9, 2020

Second Year Success Program:

Tech Updates

  • Academic Alerts
  • Advising Hub 2.0

Registrar Updates

Fall 2020 Career Fairs

Fall 2020 Education Abroad Fair


July 29, 2020

Registrar Updates:

Service Delivery for Fall 2020- Partnership with Academic Coaching


June 10, 2020

APP Updates

Dual Report for Academic Advising

  • A workgroup has been formed for implementation for dual reporting for academic advising

Student App


May 13, 2020

Registrar Updates

CARES Funding

Best Practices in Contingency Planning 

  • Providing multiple access points for students to engage in services
  • Consider time zones when scheduling with students and offering programs
  • Additional details about the return to campus will be forthcoming


April 8, 2020

Welcome New Members

  • Dr. Rebecca Freeman, Chair of Senate Committee on Academic Advising
  • Dr. Krista Jacobsen, Faculty Advisor in College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment

Merit Weekend/Enrollment Updates

  • Shared admission updates related to COVID-19
  • Reviewed feedback from Merit Weekends
  • Thinking about orientation as an extended experience

Data & Analytics Review

  • Reviewed latest retention numbers
  • Canvas shell is available for data covered in the Friday Retention Meetings


  • Community of Concern is still fully operating
  • contains a robust list of student resources

In Memoriam Proposal

  • Policy Sub-Committee gave first review of suggestions for In Memoriam Degree Proposal
  • Online Major Change is on schedule to launch April 16th


March 11, 2020

Presentation on UK Core

Overaward Policy Review

University Scholars Program


  • The Emergency Operation Center (EOC) has been activated for COVID-19 with various workstreams working through issues associated with this pandemic.

February 12, 2020

APP & Placement Updates

Second Year Success Program Presentation

Merit Weekend Update

Policy Sub-Committee

  • Shared suggested revisions to the reinstatement policy

Communication & Technology

  • Working on printing signs to advertise scheduling a priority registration advising appointment


January 8, 2020


  • Presentation from IT on enhancements to the Advising Hub
  • ​Overview of new withdrawal process in the Registrar's Office
  • ​​Financial Aid
  • Discussed Pell recalculation deadline
  • Please continue to reach out to the Financial Aid Office with any questions you might have. They are happy to help!
  • ​​​Reviewed proposal on duplicate credit policy revisions

December 11, 2019


November 13, 2019


October 9, 2019

  • UK Online
    • ​​​​UK has a long history of being on the cutting edge of educational technology
    • Reviewed various online program options available to students
    • More information can be found at
  • Best Practices in Advising Notes
    • ​​Guidelines for best practices in advising notes is now available in the Canvas Advising On-boarding shell


September 11, 2019

  • Online Tuition
  • APP
    • Gathered feedback on continuous improvement and processes for the APP Program
  • Major Change Window
    • Discussed proposal to shorten the major change window by one week on either end of the current window


August 14, 2019

  • Wellness
    • Reviewed wellness resources available to students at UK
  • See Blue U Recap
    • Reviewed the preliminary survey results from the See Blue U survey​
    • Discussion on preparing for our last round of See Blue U orientations
  • K-Week
    • Reviewed the schedule of events for upcoming K-Week
  • Retention Updates
    • Reviewed the latest retention numbers and efforts to support student success


July 10, 2019

No Meeting


June 12, 2019

  • Presentation on Career Assessment from Ray Clere and Sally Foster
    • ​Reviewed development theory and best practices
    • Reviewed career resources available to students at UK
  • ​Retention Updates
    • ​Dr. Kirsten Turner shared retention goals and campus efforts to support student success​
  • Smart Campus Initiative
    • Reviewed smart campus initiative related to iPad distribution for incoming students during See Blue U
    • Dr. Kirsten Turner discussed overall vision for technology and innovation at UK


May 8, 2019

  • Tuition Updates
    • Reviewed the proposed tuition changes for 2019-2020
    • ​Reviewed the proposed new pricing structure for online courses
    • Discussed transition plan for new proposed pricing structure for students enrolled in online classes
  • Title IV
    • Reviewed the University of Kentucky's Title IV procedures related to non-attendance
  • See Blue U
    • Gathered feedback on learning outcomes for students attending See Blue U
    • Shared link for referrals to campus resources
  • Advising Recommendations
    • Reviewed the advising recommendation plan based on the Academic Advising Assessment results from 2018-2019


April 10, 2019 

  • See Blue U
    • Discussion on adding an additional See Blue U orientation for students in the Lexington area
  • Retention Committee Update
    • Reviewed most recent retention numbers and strategies for supporting student persistence
  • Subcommittee Reports 
    • Training
      • Launched Canvas on-boarding modules for advisors
      • The committee welcomes feedback and suggestions for continuing to grow this resource
    • Communication 
      • ​Working to develop a calendar of the lifecycle of advising events
      • Requested updates to the advising contact list
      • Discussed the importance of sharing advising information within the college
    • Policy 
      • ​Thinking about a way to centralize policy information related to advising
      • Currently examining reinstatement policy information


March 13, 2019 

  • No meeting 


February 20, 2019 

  • Gathered feedback regarding a proposal to suspend Senate Rule 4.2.4 which prohibits a student from changing majors during a specified period. Feedback was shared with the Associate Deans. The deadline was pushed back one week and the major change window will open on April 11, 2019 as a pilot for this semester.  


February 13, 2019 

  • Dean of Students 
    • Reviewed the communication chart from the Dean of Students Office.  
    • Merit Weekend 
    • Reviewed upcoming schedule for Merit Weekend. 
    • Google doc will be available for changes of major.  
    • Admissions will be handling changing majors in SAP for students who change majors at the conference.  
  • Major Change Data 
    • Major change data is now available in Tableau. 
    • Colleges can see the number of students who have moved into and out of their college. 
    • This information can be helpful in a number of ways including developing partnerships between common transfer major pathways, considering how to prepare for students who transfer in and out, as well as developing a general understanding of when our students are most likely to transfer between colleges.  
  • Career Activities 
    • There are a number of significant career events which are coming up. 
    • All students are welcome to attend the events and students not yet seeking a job or internship are encouraged to attend to just check things out.  
  • Subcommittee Reports 
    • Subcommittees will have time dedicated at the next meeting to present their progress thus far.  


January 9, 2019 

  • Academic Preparation Program (APP) & Learning Contracts Part 2 
    • Students can meet academic readiness benchmarks by proctored placement or APP coursework. 
    • Accuplacer test needed for Reading ACT score 19 or below, Writing ACT score of 17 or below, Reading SAT of 480 or below (after March 2016), and/or Writing SAT score of 480 or below (after March 2016) 
  • Subcommittee Updates 
    • Communications: reviewing what information had been gathered through Wildcat Foundations 
    • Policy: meeting again soon 
    • Training: broke into three smaller groups (Welcome to UK, Academic Advising Essentials, and Career Advising Essentials) 
  • Facilitation of Advising Mission Statement with Shonta Phelps 


December 12, 2018 

  • Advising Hub Notes 
    • These notes continue to play a significant role in our outreach and student support. Please continue your diligent efforts with writing these notes.  
  • Major Exploration 
    • Major Exploratory Associates (MEAs) are available in the Stuckert Career Center to provide an additional layer of support for students considering major changes. 
    • Drop-in hours are Monday-Thursday 12-4 pm.  
  • First Destination Data Survey 
    • Coordinating efforts with this survey to try to capture a larger portion of our graduating students to determine where they are going after they graduate from UK (graduate school, military service, workplace, etc.). 
    • Students can complete the survey through Handshake during Grad Salute.  
    • Please encourage your students to complete the First Destination Survey to help UK understand where our students go following graduation. 
  • Academic Preparation Program (APP) & Learning Contracts Part 1 
    • If you have questions about the Academic Preparation Program, please reach out to Dr. Sarah Ballard ( or Dr. Molly Reynolds (  
    • Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) considers students who did no take appropriate placement exams and enroll in appropriate level coursework based on placement an “error” in enrollment/advising process.  
    • Communication timeline for students who do not yet meet the CPE readiness benchmarks has started earlier to allow students more time to prepare for placement testing and work in ALEKS. 
    • ALEKS placement is proctored for the academic preparation program. 
    • CPE requires learning contract for students admitted to UK with under 2.5 high school GPA. Working on what that learning contract will entail for students.  
  • Subcommittee Updates 
    • Communications- doing needs assessment 
    • Training- gathering information about training done in each college/unit 
    • Policy- had first meeting 


November 14, 2018 

  • November Orientation 
    • Remember to review profile sheet for Academic Preparation Program status and recommendations. 
  • Review of Preliminary Results from the Academic Advising Unit Assessment 
    • Looking at process/delivery outcomes. 
    • Preliminary report on what percentage of students have a recommended course by term and what percentage of students have an advising note entered per term. 
    • Take Aways: 
      • All students should have at least one note entered into the Advising Hub each semester.  
      • Continue providing feedback on course planning as it plays an integral role in long-term planning for students and the institution 
  • Tableau Subscriptions 
    • You can subscribe to receive updates directly to your email inbox on different Tableau workbooks based on your preferences. 
    • Advisor Analytics is one of the most widely used workbooks. 
  • GPS Reporting 
    • Compiled list of helpful reports to pull from myUK GPS to share with UK IT. 
  • Subcommittee Updates 
    • Communication- will start meeting soon 
    • Policy- will start meeting soon 
    • Training- will start meeting soon 


October 10, 2018 

  • Retention Update 
    • Todd Brann provided a retention update for the Fall 2017 cohort.  
    • Reviewed UK LEADS program and impact on Fall 2016 and Fall 2017 grant recipients.  
    • Advising Hub Notes have been a helpful tool in reviewing ways to support students.  
  • Handshake 
    • Working on increasing the number of students who have activated their Handshake account.  
    • Every student has a Handshake account and can log in using their link blue credentials. 
    • Currently at 35% of students who have activated their Handshake account. 
  • Advising Mission Statement 
    • Reviewed the various areas that come together to create our advising community and all of the people who we work with. 
    • Will look for someone to facilitate the creation of a mission statement. 
    • Subcommittee Assignments 
    • The Provost’s Committee on Advising will have three subcommittees to tackle different topics which impact our advising community. 
      • Communication 
      • Training 
      • Policy 


September 13, 2018 

  • Welcome & Introductions 
    • Reviewed each area within academic, program, and career advising.  
    • Each group is represented on the Provost’s Committee on Advising 
  • Purpose of Committee 
    • This committee is charged with creating a highly coordinated and integrated professional advising system with shared outcomes using strategic assessment to standardize processes and procedures, which support student success.  This group also serves as a resource to the campus community regarding advising-related issues and concerns and may make policy suggestions to the University Senate or other administrative body. 
  • Design Thinking 
    • Overview of how this method can result in creative and new ways to approach or solve problems. 
  • Advising Philosophy 
    • Started considering what role the advising community and thinking about a shared philosophy for serving students.