Collaborative Partners


The vision of AgrAbility is to enhance quality of life for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities. While the term "disability" often brings to mind conditions such as spinal cord injuries and amputations, AgrAbility addresses not only these but also many other conditions, such as arthritis, back impairments, and behavioral health issues.  |  Facebook @nationalagrability  |  Twitter @NatlAgriAbility  |  Youtube NationalAgrAbility


Multi Center Collaboration – Evaluators/Coordinators/Outreach (ECO) Group

An ongoing multi-center collaborative outreach strategy was developed between SCAHIP and the ECO Group comprised of representation from the 11 US Ag Centers and Conceptual Arts, Inc., (Gainesville, FL) on expansion of the National Agricultural Safety Database ( as a premier online source for stakeholder access to resources and tools identified, developed, and evaluated by the NIOSH Agricultural Centers. The program with its strong ties to the University of Kentucky’s instructional design program is using state-of-the-art technology to package, market, and distribute field-tested agricultural occupational safety and health materials and tools.


Stakeholder Outreach

In addition to the specific Center Outreach work with the ECO group and Center faculty, Drs. Reed, Swanberg and Mazur and their programs engaged in numerous outreach activities and distribution of materials to stakeholders as part of their funded research, intervention and educational program. In 2014-15, presentations have reached 764 stakeholders and 1,013 safety materials have been distributed as part of these presentations and events.


Regional Outreach to Women and Minority Small Farmers

Dr. Mazur and outreach staff efforts to foster outreach with under-represented groups was successful during the reporting period. A collaboration with Georgia Women in Agriculture (GWIAA) was developed and shows great potential for future outreach and research collaborations. Dr. Mazur became a collaborator on the “Safe Children on Georgia Farms: A Statewide NAGCAT Training Program through the Georgia Women in Agriculture Association (GWIAA) grant. Dr. Mazur in collaboration with the National Children’s Center will work to ‘grow’ regional Child Safety initiatives with links to various regional Agricultural Centers. Four workshops with follow ups began in March, 2015 (N=30). This work also included a one-day workshop for graduate students from the Emory University College of Public Health Rural Occupational Health Course (with Dr. Judith Wold) participating in a Migrant Outreach Health Clinic in Moutrie, GA (N=20).