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Software Title: Firefox Nightly ()

Location Computer Names
Agriculture North (AGN) AGL-W03 - AGL-W09
College of Nursing Building (CN) NUL-W001 - NUL-W006, NUL-W008 - NUL-W012, NUL-W014 - NUL-W017
College of Nursing Building Classroom (CN) NUA-W02, NUA-W04 - NUA-W08, NUA-W10 - NUA-W12, NUA-W14 - NUA-W20, NUA-W23, NUA-W25, NUA-W27 - NUA-W28, NUA-W30 - NUA-W31, NUA-W34 - NUA-W35, NUA-W37 - NUA-W38, NUA-W40a, NUA-W48 - NUA-W49
College of Nursing Building Testing Lab (CN) NCL-TCH, NCL-W001, NCL-W005 - NCL-W014, NCL-W016 - NCL-W027, NCL-W029 - NCL-W030, NCL-W032 - NCL-W035, NCL-W037 - NCL-W042, NCL-W044 - NCL-W045, NCL-W047 - NCL-W048, NCL-W050, NCL-W052 - NCL-W058, NCL-W060, NCL-W062 - NCL-W065, NCL-W067, NCL-W069 - NCL-W071, NCL-W073 - NCL-W090, NCL-W092 - NCL-W097, NCL-W108 - NCL-W134, NCL-W136, NCL-W138 - NCL-W140, NCL-W143 - NCL-W144
King Library (KL) KSL-W01 - KSL-W14, KSL-W17 - KSL-W18, KSL-W20 - KSL-W24, KSL-WH1
King Library 213F Classroom (KL) KSB-TCH, KSB-W01 - KSB-W06, KSB-W08, KSB-W11 - KSB-W18
King Library Library Machines (KL) KSP-W04 - KSP-W06, KSP-W08
Mechanical Engineering Building (RGAN) MEL-w05, MEL-W06 - MEL-W08, MEL-W10 - MEL-W11, MEL-W13, MEL-W15, MEL-W18, MEL-W21, MEL-W27, MEL-W30
Multi-Disciplinary Science Building MDS-TCH, MDS-W03, MDS-W05 - MDS-W08, MDS-W10 - MDS-W15, MDS-W18, MDS-W20
RGAN CS Classroom (RGAN) CSL-W01 - CSL-W19, CSL-W21
RGAN Engineering Workstation Lab (RGAN) EWL-W02, EWL-W09 - EWL-W10, EWL-W14 - EWL-W15, EWL-W17, EWL-W29, EWL-W41
Young Library (WTYL) WYL-W02 - WYL-W03, WYL-W09, WYL-W13 - WYL-W14, WYL-W16, WYL-W19 - WYL-W21, WYL-W23 - WYL-W27, WYL-W29 - WYL-W34, WYL-W45 - WYL-W48
Young Library B-35 (WTYL B-35) WYC-W03 - WYC-W06, WYC-W09 - WYC-W10, WYC-W12 - WYC-W13, WYC-W16 - WYC-W17, WYC-W19 - WYC-W20, WYC-W22, WYC-W25 - WYC-W28, WYC-W31
Young Library Media Depot (WTYL) MPC-R01 - MPC-R02

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