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Software Title: NirCmd ()

Location Computer Names
College of Nursing Building (CN) NUL-W005 - NUL-W006, NUL-W013
College of Nursing Building Classroom (CN) NUA-W01 - NUA-W25, NUA-W27 - NUA-W39, NUA-W40a, NUA-W41 - NUA-W49
College of Nursing Building Testing Lab (CN) NCL-TCH, NCL-W001 - NCL-W045, NCL-W047 - NCL-W050, NCL-W052 - NCL-W144
King Library 213F Classroom (KL) KSB-W10
Multi-Disciplinary Science Building MDS-TCH, MDS-W01 - MDS-W20
Young Library B-25 (WTYL B-25) WYB-W01 - WYB-W17

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