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Location Computer Names
Blazer Hall Dining bzam01 - bzam02, bzam04 - bzam10, bzam12 - bzam14, bzam16, bzam19, bzbm01 - bzbm19, bzcm01 - bzcm04, bzcm06 - bzcm14, bzcm16 - bzcm20, bzcm23
CARES Lab (MCV 129) crlm01 - crlm05, crlm07 - crlm08
Classroom Building 304 (CB 304) cbbm01 - cbbm03, cbbm05 - cbbm17
King Library (KL) kslm01 - kslm16
Young Library (WTYL) pulm01 - pulm03, wyam03 - wyam13, wyam17, wylm02, wylm06
Young Library Media Depot (WTYL) mdylm08, stfmdy2, stfmdy4, stfmdy6

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